2021 Recruiting: Back Where We Started



Do you think an offer is coming to McKneely or Taylor soon? OR will the staff wait to see what Keels does?

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At this point I think McKneely will be collecting a NBA pension before Keels commits.


Honestly I thought they would have gone ahead and offered those guys. I don’t think it really matters anyway. They know they’re being recruited.

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Any chance we look at Maliq Brown for a reclass? Local kid and would seemingly fill the spot well.

Otherwise, I’d keep a look out for the following names: Bryson Spell, Isaac Farah, Markus Ilver, Kaluel Mading. Any other names you’d add to the list HGN?

Love Maliq but even if he somehow reclassed it would be to redshirt, effectively a 2022 recruit early. Yeah I’m sure there’s a lot of guys they’d be interested in evaluating like you named. Just none they’re prepared to recruit yet.

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I know you mentioned Kyle Filipowski before and he is a possible reclass candidate. Do you know if staff are in still in contact at all?

Also with Efton, wouldn’t it be weird for Michigan to take him when they already have Hunter Dickerson? I know Juwan, like NC State, was trying to sell Efton as a 4 but that seems impossible right? Even the Lakers did better when they stopped lying to themselves and played Anthony Davis at the 5 versus trying to make him to be a 4.


Unless Michigan gets Bediako, It seems Reid is eyeing them pretty hard along with OSU.

Yeah Ohio State makes a lot more sense for Efton to me. All depends if he really cares about that sort of thing. Bigs are different. Playing a lot is less important, as long as they play. Truthfully I don’t think he wants to go to any of those schools, It’s just reality of the situation is starting to set in.


Surprised Duke and UNC aren’t pushing harderfor him. Both are in the market for a big man even if they have some on the roster. Dont think Duke wants to play Paolo at the 5 even though he can. Mark Williams could bounce after a year or two.

Oh sorry missed the Filipowski part. They’ll evaluate him. That’s where things are with most of these '22s we’re talking about. There’s not much to go on for the northeasterners.

Got it.

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So what’s the deal with Reid and UVA? If he doesn’t really want to go to places like Michigan and Ohio State why wouldn’t he circle back to the best program he has an offer from? Is he upset we wouldn’t take him in 2020?

New thread title suggestion: November: F@%K recruiting.


Reid is a mystery for sure. I don’t have the answers. Like you put it, I have doubts he would actually choose those other schools over UVA if (and it is a legitimate if) they want him and make that clear. But I also have doubts that he’ll actually choose from that list.

Reality being that’s why he’s warming up to Virginia and what they have to offer, again? Many have speculated he wasn’t going far from home. Maybe transferring to IMG and sharing playing time with Bediako has open his eyes to the reality of how good an offer Virginia may be?


He just doesn’t seem to have gotten much better the past couple of years. Other guys are passing him by, and he’s not getting the Kentucky/UNCs beating his door down. I think there is some realization that he’s not a One and Done guy now, and he’s got a lot of work to do to be a pro.


Yup. Very humble kid from all accounts but I think the early on 5* ranking might have swayed him over a little too much. Still a great talent and in the right development system a future pro. But not as immediate an impact player as he may have believed.

I would love for him to be a Hoo though. Not just a big body/is somewhat mobile and extremely talented. Higher ceiling mike tobey (basically a very talented big that isn’t one of these kids who grew 10 inches over a summer and is guard-like like Huff or Kadin)


Maybe it’s a blessing for both parties that Virginia still has a spot open and missed on a few. I have thought all along the path / plan CTB and staff offer him is the surest. It may not be for those seeking instant gratification but will be the soundest.

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If he did choose to come he would have to have patience. Caffaro and Shedrick would be here and would be veterans of the system and be tough competition for playing time. I think it would be a great place for him to develop but it would probably be a 3 or 4 year process. Would he be OK with that?