2022 recruiting layout

I’m planning to watch some AAU streams this weekend. I’ll be posting on that. While I’m at it, might as well recap and lay out where things stand with 2022 recruiting. To be best I know anyway.

There’s three things that go on this time of year. Coaches try to close out early targets (Traudt, Nunez), Decide whether to go fully after recruits they’ve already had some involvement with (Trimble, Moore). And they identify emerging players to follow up on, Spring stock climbers.

The emphasis lately, especially with Milicic on board, is finding athletes to put around their skilled 2021 and 2022 recruits, specifically a wing and a big man. Most of the recent names that are popping up fit into those categories.

Point Guard

Austin Nunez (JL3/Nike) is still the only point guard with an offer. I’ll be checking out his games this weekend. He’s a little mysterious. We expect him to decide early, as in over the next two months. UVA and Arkansas are the prime contenders. It might come down to who wants him the most.

Very serious interest in Seth Trimble (PhenomU/Nike). He’s had a really good Spring. His recruitment is probably about to climb to the next level in the months ahead. They’ll need to decide soon whether to fully jump in or let him go.


Still very involved with Bobi Klintman (Sweden). The issue with him is he’s a Fall recruit, meaning that’s when it’ll all go down. They’d be recruiting other players in the meantime anyway. He said he liked Kansas the best in a Swedish article last month. And of course, he’ll be going to prep school nearby at Sunrise Christian.

Milicic changed the equation a little. It expands the field. They don’t need a combo forward anymore. They have that in Milicic. Wing guards like Leon Bond (JH1/Ind) work just fine now. UVA has been in contact with him all along. His stock is on the rise this Spring as more people see him.

Chisom Okpara (NYRens/Nike) is a similar player they’ve had an eye on for a while. Look for that to pick up. There are several already familiar names that I expect will get a closer look now. Cam Whitmore (Thrill/UAA) Alphonzo Billups (LoadedVA/Adidas) Chris Bunch (Griffin/Nike). While he doesn’t fit the description of a great athlete, don’t write off Jaden Schutt (ILWolves/UAA). He’s really good.

Skilled Forward

Everybody knows the story here. They’re all about Isaac Traudt (NebSupreme/UAA). Next month he’ll visit UVA, Michigan State, North Carolina, and several others. It’s promising that he’s moving forward with the process. Still, It might be unavoidable for this to go into the Fall. if so, we want it to limp there, not turn into a full blown round 2. Watch for Duke and Gonzaga lurking. If he shows out in July, they’ll try to crash the party.

Braeden Moore (NextPage/Adidas) is the only other player that’s gotten early attention. They won’t seriously look at alternatives to Traudt until July.

Another Big

They’ll want a 2nd frontcourt player in 2022. Could be a center or a power forward, preferably a high level athlete either way. Robert Jennings (Texas Impact/UAA) is one to keep an eye on. They took notice of him playing with Austin Nunez over the Winter. He’s kept their attention in early AAU play. Fits into that familiar Atkins/Wilkins mold, a long 6’7 bouncy forward. I’m hoping to catch his game against Braeden Moore tomorrow.

We know from reports they’re involved with Spring blowup Noah Clowney (Dickerson/Ind). He’s legit. More of a center. They’re trying to get involved with Julian Phillips (UpwardStars/Adidas). Another popular name lately, Dominick Barlow (NYRens/Nike) will get a look… And don’t forget local product Maliq Brown (LoadedVA/Adidas). He’ll get his chance this summer.


I like Dominick Barlow already based on that he is from Dumont NJ


Hope the staff decides to fully jump in on Trimble. I’m ready to get hurt again


Chiming in here from my message board hiatus but that is some interesting wording there. You’ve sorta hinted at this tone in the approach to his recruitment before as well.

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what hiatus?

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Posting on the message board here, not buggin hgn in messages LOL

I know. was joking bruh

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Any town named Dumont has to be good


I know people from there… oh wait, I get it Dragon



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Austin Nunez’s game tonight was a victim of typical BallerTV technical problems. I watched maybe 2/3rds of the 2nd half once it was straightened out. Only small takeaways. It’s easy to understand why he doesn’t get any attention. He’s a role player on a team full of stars. And he plays off the ball more than not because Bryce Griggs (5-starrish PG) has it.

He probably played the most minutes for them, yet had very little in the way of counting stats while I watched. 3 points on 1-4 FG, a couple nice assists. There were a few plays where you could see the “feel” Bennett talks about for sure. Exceptional court awareness. He plays hard too.
Constantly kept ball pressure and stayed in front of a little speedy Mugsy sized PG. It would be nice if he were in more of a full time floor general role, that’s for sure. I’ll watch him again this weekend, BallerTV willing.

While that stream was on the outs, I checked on Braeden Moore. About what you probably expected. He’s a classic stretch 4, for better and worse. Sub Par athlete. Seems to be just a pick n pop catch & shoot kinda guy right now.


How much are players typically in the loop on recruiting efforts?

Would London his first couple of years be a fair comparison to Nunez?

After hearing that scouting report I am definitely trending towards Team Trimble

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Just hope this pg recruitment does not end up like some recent misses. Putting all our eggs in one basket per se only to be jilted and missing out on guys like Trimble


To be fair I don’t think that’s really happened before except maybe in 2021 where the roster situation going into that recruiting class dictated it

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The year we got Clark also!

We didn’t just laser in on one PG target that year. We went after Quinerly, Duke, and Butler in an all in fashion just off the top of my head

Very true! We struck out quite a bit! I misunderstood.