2022 Recruiting

HGN, can you provide an early breakdown of 2022 'cruits? What positions might Tony be looking to fill? Any Oak Hill Academy kids have UVA’s interest?

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It’s way early. Next month is when sort of pre-season starts for 2022. Coaches can start contacting them directly on June 15th. What type of players they end up going after will depend what they get in '21. The actual recruiting doesn’t begin until September.

Clark and Stattmann graduate, so it’ll be mostly about guards. Need another point by then for sure, then another bigger guard either a shooter or a big wing that can play some small ball 4. After that depends what doesn’t get done this year.

At this point they’re mostly just familiar with the localish players. Dug McDaniel the PG from PVI will definitely be considered. Justin Taylor, STAB sharpshooter. I know they really like Isaac McKneely the guard from WV. Louisville and WVU have offered him now. Noah Batchelor 6’7 wing from MD visited in the Fall, he’s big time. Alphonzo Billips from Varina is going to be really good, he visited this year. Justice Williams, stud guard from Philly is one they’ve already put some work in with. Maybe PG Zion Cruz at Oak Hill, I know they’ve seen him anyway.

Caleb Houstan does have an offer in the '22 class, but he’ll almost certainly reclassify up. That’s why people are starting on him now. He’s from the RJ Barrett wing of Canadian hoops. Duke is the smart bet if it works out that they have a need for him.


Justin Taylor from STAB!!


Zion Cruz is not going tu UVA.

I think Justin Taylor is an obvious fit


If we get Trevor, will we need him the next yr. Again its not about fit. We lead big time for Justin. The question is, will he wait and play less at UVA when he can get more minutes elsewhere.


HGN, thanks for the input, however early!


Appreciate the info Tu! I’m a big fan of Justin Taylor and am already hoping we offer early lol
Do you feel that we have the lead in him because of location? Playing style? Something else?

Not Tu, but my family has known Justin and his dad for quite a while and I can say that they’re HUGE UVA fans. Don’t have any detail past that, but I would assume that if we want Justin we’re very likely gonna get him. Would also say he’s a great style fit as a big guard who might not be done growing.


Tony needs to go ahead and LOCK HIM UP!!
The guy can really shoot it!

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Right on cue Justin tweeted his season highlight mix. I’m a fan but there are still some questions about him. Same as just about all these rising juniors. He’s moving over to Team Takeover with their 16u squad. It’ll be a good test, if any of that ever goes down.


I think Justin is a stud and future P5 collegiate star. He will make a program very happy.


Yeesh! Dude has a crispy release for only a sophomore in high school! 6’6” and moves a lot like Guy did/ does, love it


OMG👀 Blue bloods gonna be all over this kid. I see no reason not to offer now. Does it mean Justin goes elsewhere if we land Keels?

Yea, I thought he looked a lot like Kyle.Used some of the same moves to get his shot off. Not very quick but he is savvy which can make up for it. I’m sure we have a close eye on him

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I don’t think there’s that much skill overlap between Taylor and Keels. Keels highlights make him seem like a much more downhill player with the ball in his hands, while Taylor could be more of an off-ball mover/shooter in the offense.

I guess the main concern is the backcourt getting crowded with Keels, Carson, Jabri, Casey, etc. Of course there could be more player movement before then so tough to project out that much too

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I didn’t see much bounce or quickness. Is he athletic enough to play on the perimeter in our defense?

For a sophomore, he looks great. Great shooter. Has decent handle; plenty of time to improve including being able to drive both to left and right and hone his other skills further. He already has good height and may even grow a bit more. For a sophomore, fabulous. Great young man!! Rooting for him.

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Not much bounce? Six six at sixteen and a very fluid athlete. Plus, if these highlights are representative of his game, he shoots 99% from the floor. That’s pretty good.


It didn’t look like Justin was getting off the floor very quickly or very high. I haven’t seen him live, and my impression from the highlight video could be off base. It just didn’t appear to me that athleticism is one of Justin’s calling cards. But Joey Buckets isn’t exactly a premium athlete, and he sure gets the job done. I’m interested to see how Justin’s recruitment turns out.