2022 reset & visit tracker

The 10 day dead period ended on Monday. That’s often the time when recruits trim their lists and arrange upcoming visits. We should be hearing more on that front soon. With that, it’s a good time to start a new thread to lay out where things are, what we know about each recruit’s plans, then fill in the rest as it comes.

2022 Class

All rankings are from the 247Sports composite


Isaac McKneely 6’4 SG Poca (WV) Ranked 64th
Offered 12/20 Committed 1/21

He said on a recent LRA podcast that he’ll come back for another official visit on the weekend of the football season opener, Sept. 4th. He had a really good summer. I would think he ends up ranked higher, but so much of that depends on when people saw him.

Leon Bond 6’6 SF Wauwatosa East (WI) Ranked 159th
Offered 7/21 Committed 7/21

Bond is definitely due for a big jump in the composite when Rivals includes him in their update. He is a redshirt candidate, but his long term upside is incredibly high. I expect he’ll visit on the same weekend as McKneely.

Current Targets

Isaac Traudt 6’9 PF Grand Island (NE) Ranked 58th
Offered 1/21 Visited 6/21

Traudt will reportedly take upcoming official visits to Gonzaga and Creighton. He made officials to UVA, Nebraska, Michigan State, and North Carolina, along with an unofficial to Creighton back in June. As I mentioned in the other thread, this is coming to a head soon for UVA no matter what other activity is planned.

Ryan Dunn 6’7 SG Perkiomen (PA Ranked 209th
Offered 7/21 Hasn’t Visited

Dunn will release a Top 8 tomorrow. He has agreed to take an official visit to UVA, but hasn’t chosen a date yet as far as I know. He’s supposed to visit Pittsburgh and South Carolina on the weekends of 8/27 and 9/10 respectively. Minnesota, Oklahoma State, and Maryland are believed to be the other contenders.

Brice Sensabaugh 6’6 SG Lake Highland (FL) Ranked 254th
Offered 7/21 Hasn’t Visited

Sensabaugh has set officials to GA Tech, Indiana, and Alabama on consecutive weekends starting 8/27. UVA seems to be next in line. He’s already taken unofficials to Florida and Vanderbilt in June. .Illinois and Stanford round out his top 8 list.

Bobi Klintman 6’8 SF Sunrise Christian (KS) Unranked
Offered 2/21 Hasn’t Visited

Still in Sweden, Bobi’s plans are a mystery. He should be coming to the States soon to start his senior year at Sunrise Christian in Kansas.

Julian Phillips 6’8 SF Link Academy (MO) Ranked 23rd
Offered ?? Hasn’t Visited

Phillips included UVA in his recently announced Top 10. He took June official visits to Florida State, Clemson, and LSU. Florida State is the perceived favorite. We’re hoping to talk with him later this week. Hopefully he’ll fill us in on his Fall plans.

Watch List

Dominick Barlow 6’9 PF Bridgton (ME) Unranked
No Offer Hasn’t Visited

There are several players they evaluated this summer that the door isn’t closed with yet. Barlow is the one to watch closest. Especially if Traudt doesn’t break our way. He took June visits to Pitt and Rutgetrs. His recruitment went to a new level in July though. Kansas, Syracuse, and Illinois highlight recent offers.

Ven-Allen Lubin 6’7 SF Orlando Christian (FL) Ranked 142nd
No Offers Hasn’t Visited

They saw a lot of him in July and really liked him. If Bond hadn’t committed, I believe he’d have an offer. Probably a bit of a long shot at this point, but he’s not written off yet.

Colin Smith 6’8 SF Compass (AZ) Ranked 107th
No Offer Hasn’t Visited

Smith included UVA in his top 10. There’s not much evidence that we should pay attention to him. But he’s really good and as long as he has UVA on his list, he’s on mine


Is Dunn really 6-7 and is he more of a 2/3 and Bond more of a 3/4 even though he might be shorter?

Trying not to read too much into the Traudt recruitment but let’s face it many of us are obsessive compulsive when it comes to this stuff. HGN - in your eyes, is the 9/9 ultimatum an indication that we feel he’s slipping away or do you think the recruitment is still trending as expected where he either commits to us (or someone else) before September 9th or pushes into Fall and we likely missed our shot?

I guess I’m just trying to get a sense of what changed in his recruitment that had us as the clear favorite to “it could go either way” territory.


Has Creighton become more of a local threat than originally anticipated?

Again no ultimatum and to be clear no one told me anything about a date. I’m just explaining why they’re having those conversations. All it means is UVA won’t invest more of Bennett’s in-person time, which he’d have to do next month. He’ll be visiting players that haven’t heard his message already. They always do this.

I thought maybe it would be different because Traudt didn’t get the in-person activity on the ffront end, but truthfully if he had they probably would have had this convo before July. It’s just the Bennett way. People think he doesn’t win drawn out recruitments. Nah, he just cuts them short or walks away.

It’s a toss up right now, imo.


Traudt is down to 5, fwiw. They’ve been calling coaches to let them know they’re out of the running. I don’t know who exactly is left but it’s not hard to guess. UVA, Creighton, Gonzaga, Michigan State for sure. Nebraska is my guess at the 5th.


Is there a world in which it’s neither UVA nor Gonzaga? That’d be a plot twist.

It seems like he’s kind of following the timeline that our staff has in mind for him…

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I love the approach to Traudt - open and honest, like I believe Traudt and his family have been in the process (there is nothing like Keels in this as far as I can tell). Right now, we have recency bias working against us, as well as a strong hometown pressure/pull from many who are in his ear about Creighton, as well excitement for the upcoming Gonzaga visit (with offer - and remember this sorta forced Gonzaga’s hand as far as I can tell ). So, it’s 50/50 UVa against the field. I like those odds especially after the Gonzaga visit passes.


Bingo! Like I said, this has been his MO since WSU days. HGN, do you think this kinda went on behind the scenes with Keels because things seemed to change at a certain point. Remember, this is the same Coach who reportedly was once going to give Klay Thompson 48 hours to accept an offer when he was thought to be out of WSU’s ballpark.

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I love the approach also! We are stingy with our offers and they have an expiration date. This adds so much value to our offers. Which are from the best coach in the country at developing young men and an opportunity in arguably the best league, and one of the best educations.

yeah. I’ve lost track of time frames now but there was a lot of noise early last Fall that it was nearing time for Keels. Little different because they didn’t need to go out. It didn’t require effort to recruit somebody during the dead period. So they never shut the door completely but I think TB’s involvement dried up around that time in early Fall.


That’s how I felt as well. The signs were there! Thanks!

So “toss up” does seem like a step back from where we thought we were before (clear lead for UVA) - is that right?

Also, how does Tony typically do this: is it really communicated as a “decide on us soon as we’re not gonna do round 2” … or more nicely like “you’re great, let me tell you again why we’re a great fit … and I think we’ve given you all the info you need, let us know if you need more, and we’ll understand if you think you need to start looking elsewhere in the fall.”

Well if UVA’s odds are 50% and the rest of the field is a total of 50%, I would call that being the favorite. It’s open to interpretation though. haha

We’re gonna need to know soon is about it, yeah. They’re taking a little bit of a chance being up front about it. They could have just sent TB to Nebraska once next month and let it play out. Traudt has UVA at the top of his list. Someone close to him flatly said that last night. Bennett knows that.
But he hadn’t even got around to being in decision mode at all. That was a problem. It’s changed now. They’re looking into things like the projected rosters and the other recruits UVA is pursuing, stuff they hadn’t considered before. We’ll see if he wants to be here bad enough to let go of “the process”.


Hard for me to believe that a family who has seemed pretty diligent throughout the process hasn’t previously considered roster composition and the like until now.

Surprised me too. They had someone ask me for roster charts. I’m sure they’ve thought about it but obviously not studied it in that way.


Lol, well that should certainly boost our chances when they do. Front court is awful thin going forward


Tell them Igor is a shooting guard so he’s all good.