2023 Baseball

I don’t see any reference to the ones on the batter’s belt however… maybe I’m missing it on the website.

Yeah, I can’t find where specifically it mentions for batters/fielders. But, Florida State had the same tech on their belts in the series last weekend (both pitchers and players in the field)

*Edit: found an article where N.C. State specifically mentioned expanding it to their middle infielders for defensive alignment purposes

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Nick Parker update from after today’s game.



Hoos now 23-2 which is the best start in school history.

They were tied with the 2022 and 2013 teams at 22-2 after the FSU sweep.



Yes can be used for relaying defensive alignment info.

Also knowing the pitch call can be beneficial to the defense.

You’ll occasionally see players on defense pull a small, laminated card out of their back pocket. It’s got extensive, color coded scouting info on the opposition batters on it to include how fast the runners are and situational hitting tendencies that can be broken down to counts and pitch types.

The analytic data being used by college baseball programs that elect to embrace it (we do) is very thorough. Our players also have access to VR for training against upcoming pitchers if they want to use it that gets real world video and data uploaded into it. It’s also a portable system that goes on the road with them so they can use it in road hotels, for example.


Projected 5 seed…

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Do the baseball brackets work like a true bracket where we’d host the winner of the Columbia regional, in the Super Regional (assuming we win our region)? Or does everything reset after the regionals, and depend on seeding/who’s left?

It’s a true bracket in that they do pair winners of regional sites for the super regionals in advance.

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Tonight’s game is scheduled for 8:00 on ACC Network.



Too late for my blood… Go Hoos!


Seems like we’re starting with a lot of ACC road series. Isn’t this 3 of the first 4?


Yes, 3 out of 4 on the road to start.

Next 3 out of 4 at home.

Total is next 4 of 6 at home to complete the schedule after the 3 of 4 on the road to start.


Go Hoos!



Dug too big a hole tonight (12 to 6 entering Top 9).



Hey Karl. Didn’t see the game. Any concern about Early or just one of those days when he didn’t have it and VT did?

I think it was one of those days for Early.

He’s a bit of a slow starter. The wind was wild at the start of the game. He got squeezed a bit but also really struggled with his control.

It was a perfect storm.

We’re not that good without pitching depth. VPI exposed that this weekend.

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Not a good weekend, Friday excluded, for the pitching staff except for a guy here or there.

Bullpen vets were really rough today, especially at the backend.

We really need Parker back as soon as he can because just having one more live arm will help a lot.


Hoos at Liberty at 6 tonight.

Streaming is on ESPN + instead of normal ACC Network Xtra, so you’ll need an ESPN + subscription to watch.

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Teel 1st Team
Gelof 3rd Team