2023 tracker

Now that 2023 is the focus, we’re going to start tracking it all very closely. I plan to update these rundowns weekly as coaches make their rounds and visits occur.

*The Investment Score is just a simple way to measure involvement. An official visit or a visit from the head coach is worth 3 points. A scholarship offer is 2 points. An unofficial visit or a visit from an assistant coach is worth 1.

*All rankings are from the 247Sports composite.

Reed Sheppard Investment Score: 6
6’2 CG North Laurel (KY) Midwest Basketball (Adidas)
Offer: 7/21 Visits: 6/21 unofficial 10/21 scheduled official
Coaches in: Bennett 9/21
Ranked: 34 Competition: Kentucky

This will be a two team race between UVA and Kentucky. I don’t expect a marathon either, probably by next Spring to early summer.

Gregory Jackson Investment Score: 5
6’9 PF Ridge View (SC) CP3 (Nike)
Offer: 8/21 Visits: None
Coaches in: Bennett 9/21
Ranked: 16 Competition: North Carolina

Bennett’s first stop of the Fall, which typically means they’ll keep coming back. We’re fishing deep waters here. He’s even better than the ranking. UNC thinks they’re the team to beat. Hometown South Carolina will be a factor too.

Justin Edwards Investment Score: 3
6’7 SF Imhotep (PA Team Final (Nike)
Offer: 6/21 Visits: None
Coaches in: Vandross 9/21
Ranked: 28 Competition: ??

With the potential addition of Ryan Dunn, time will tell if UVA seriously pursues Edwards. Kentucky and Villanova are sniffing around, without having offered yet. Either would be very hard to beat.

Xavier Booker Investment Score: 3
6’10 C Cathedral (IN) George Hill (Independent)
Offer: None Visits: None
Coaches in: Bennett 9/21
Ranked: None Competition: Indiana, Purdue

A popular Big 10 target has a lot of upside. UVA built a bit of a connection through Armaan Franklin, who attended the same high school.

Kaleb Glenn Investment Score: 3
6’7 SF/PF Male (KY) Bradley Beal (Nike)
Offer: None Visits: None
Coaches in: Bennett 9/21
Ranked: 39 Competition: Louisville, Indiana

Glenn has already announced a top 4 of Indiana, Texas A&M, Tennessee, and hometown Louisville. It would be a hard recruitment to crash, but Bennett was at least interested enough to take a first hand look.

The One Point Club

Guards: Gabe Cupps, Chase Clemmons, Colin Porter, Lawrent Rice, Isaiah West, George Washington III, Jacoi Hutchison,

Forwards: Dylan James, Austin Parks, Gus Yalden, Kwame Evans, Alassane Amadou


Bennett made three stops today that I’m aware of. This morning for Xavier Booker, afternoon for Kaleb Glenn, and then for Reed Sheppard. Kyle Getter was along for all.


And as soon as I put that up Caleb Foster announces for Duke. Now removed.


So reed now has 10? 3 for another Bennett visit and a point for Getter tagging along?


The 6 includes today I believe. Or maybe not idk

I just want to see Rupps Rafters burn


Okay I knew there’d be questions about the scoring. lol A head coach visiting is worth 3, no matter if there’s a tag along. Multiple assistants, still only 1. We’ll never know about all the activity obviously. Just meant to give a general idea, not an exact science.

And I won’t include scheduled activity until it happens, ie Reed’s upcoming visit.


Really like this tracker!!

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Very into this. I hope you have a fun excel sheet for tracking things.

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Rabjohns on Indiana reporting Kaleb Glenn no longer deciding in October (originally planned) and that UVA has officially entered the mix along his top 4 (in an earlier post he did mention Tony Bennett was in to see him but wasn’t sure if they would try to get in). Also Kaleb Glenn liked a bunch of UVA stuff on twitter including HGN’s post. He does say it’s just beginning but if we do offer it’s good that the time frame is extending and gives us time to maybe get an official visit in.

Sucks for Louisville who thought they had him and wanted him to commit early. Chris Mack has been there twice for Kaleb Glenn at like 5 am in the morning and they are hosting him at Louisville Live this weekend. Indiana also had their whole staff in for him.

He’s a top 50 talent now but many think he will be pushing 5 star status like fellow kentuckian Reed Sheppard. In that Anthony Gill/What we wanted from Malik Reneau mobile rim protecting 4. Dude is a manchild though. Justin Anderson redux


I only knew TB was in Indy this morning and at Sheppard’s tonight. Knew he had to be somewhere between. Glenn made the most sense. So I asked him lol


Why Glenn? I’m assuming Dunn commits this Saturday. We’re then recruiting two open scholarships per the pressure we put on Dunn - a PG/Lead guard (Shepherd?) and a big (Jackson, Booker). With Foster off the board, no true PG in the mix…yet. Glenn has to look at our roster and scratch his head over PT, unless CTB knows Kody is not in for another year. Maybe Traudt brings the ball up a la Jon Scheyer.

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Transfer portal…also I know we can find a 23 pg in the Juky 22 reset….

He got Kyle Getter’s name right. Rare from my experience. I mean after they’ve been recruited a while, sure. But in these situations, I usually get “white assistant” or “dark skin dude” or Willy, cause they all know him.


Traudt is 5. Glenn at the 4?

I think we are going to have 3-4 spots (I think Igor is gone after two years regardless either NBA or Europe bound and we will have a transfer out. Also think Armaan will be gone by then. Him being a focus for us should get him stats good enough to atleast go in the 2nd round hopefully).

Pure pg or combo guard, comboguard 2, modern forward 4/3, modern big 4/5

An interesting aspect is that Kaleb Glenn is close with Layden Blocker who might be top 2-3 pg prospect for us. Same AAU team (Bradley Beal Elite).

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Looking around tonight, UK fans may say Sheppard is a lock but they sure don’t like Bennett coming around. I think they know there is a legit shot UVa can get him. Heard again earlier this week Sheppard leaving the state isn’t as far fetched as they want to believe.


Ok but you have Bennett down for 9/21 and then he was there today – so isn’t that 2 for him?

9/21 is just September 2021, today.


Traudt is a 4, maybe small ball 5. Franklin is a 2/3. Who knows about Igor? Taine is just as likely to go as early as Igor at this point. If Carson doesn’t get any run this year, is he gone? Other then potentially Glenn, none of these guys are likely to decide before next spring at the earliest, so we do have the transfer market going for us. I really like the way Tony is recruiting, but sometimes it seems like the “need” and the “want” don’t match align.

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No maybe about it. He’s Mike Tobey in the roster comparison (not actual skillset comparison). We need a forward like Glenn who can slash from the perimeter but also protect the rim like we tried to get in Malik Reneau. We want 5 players on the court who can create off the bounce. Traudt will probably play more 5 than 4 from us just based on how we are recruiting and pestering HGN for any tidbits. And we will still have a taller team than the last 3 national title winners lol.