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Also, I find that it was @Hooandtrue that started the Mack rumor? Ha ha. This was like watching a Christopher Nolan movie.


My Kentucky source says the unofficials are a way for the family to gather info and spend time the way they want to vs. the scripted official visit. Could come back to all for an official, or make cut one or two. Like most recruitments, this won’t be a sprint, but likely not a long marathon either.
He speculates that if he gets serious about leaving Kentucky, the shorter the timeline the better for Virginia - the longer it drags out, the more pressure that could come to bear to stay home and the harder it has become for him to say “NO” to UK]. This is a very unique situation and one that could play into Virginia’s favor.
He did say this - if Tony Bennett was the Kentucky coach, this would have ended before it started. My response - “thank god he’s not, or most of us would have stopped following UVA hoops by now”

Personal assessment - this situation likely only occurs once every ten years, if even that often - a 5 star or high 4 star who’s beliefs and character align so close to that of CTB.


Your timeline seems about right. Kyle Guy in 2016 until Reed Sheppard in 2023.

I did a quick search but probably missed it. Is George Washington III on an unofficial today at Virginia?

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Yes per his social media

GG Jackson now follows both Justin Anderson and Isaiah Wilkins on instagram lol. Tony still gonna try and we will probably get an official visit if he doesn’t commit when he visits UNC next weekend for their late night event. Also some random UNC fan is claiming GG’s hesitation with UNC is that he doesn’t know anyone there and wants familiarity (which is why many pegged him and Dillingham as a duo). No idea if that’s true but do you know who is very close with GG? Jaylen Curry and London Johnson. Just saying.

People in the know on UNC and Duke boards when talking about GG Jackson never even mention UVA. It’s only “Duke, UNC, South Carolina”. Nothing about this recruitment shows even a glimpse of hope for us but Tony of course should still recruit until he gets a no. Anyhoo, Hubert Davis seems to be the type of coach who gives recruits a 3 week window to commit before moving on. However I don’t think he’s a recruit you can do this with. But UNC is going to try to close early.

Although Reed sheppard picking UVA over Kentucky would reverberate across the entire college recruiting world and let recruits know UVA is the hot thing. As if the title and decade of ACC dominance didn’t already show that.

Dont like that Reed follows a lot of the new Kentucky players/transfer ins but only follows McKneely and Traudt for us but that could just be because he’s a Kentucky fan in general. Which also isn’t great lol. The follows for the Kentucky players happened after his unofficial there the week before us.


You just rained on my parade :unamused: lol

Encouraging chatter about Reed Sheppard this week, fwiw. I’ve heard even the Kentucky side privately acknowledges that UVA is the team to beat right now.


WOAH. But also yeah I get it. He really is a Tony kid.


This might surprise you, but I am not optimistic on this one.


I called my shot a while back that we’d land him, so this is just feeding my unjustified confidence in my ability to predict things with zero actual info. This is great to hear.

Great news. My parade has plenty of sunshine now… Which guard spot will he play?

To hype myself up for inevitable let down, Reed Sheppard (and Gabe Cupps) comeback win vs aau team We Can All Go (featuring 2022 5 stars Chris Livingston, Aden Bona, and 2023 5 star Mikey Williams who has 3 million instagram follows)

Team basketball >>> individual talent. Gabe Cupps dad is also their aau coach and their ball movement is amazing


Hopefully it stays that way after he goes to the big blue madness shit

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I am ready to have my heart broken!

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We were in the lead for Keels for a long time too…


Not really. Once Duke really got involved/prioritized Keels over Max Christie it was over. Tony dipped, Williford kept the communication. I think this is different. We lead for Traudt for a long time and it worked out.


I recommend that you manage your expectations. :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course. I think ive established my dream class is London Johnson, Jaylen Curry or GWIII, Dylan James, and Xavier Booker.

If the class ends up being Reed Sheppard and GG Jackson that would be dope.

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Lol two top 15-20 guys. Yeah I guess that would nice, too :joy:.