'21 - '22 In-Season VIP Basketball Chat

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Got thinking last night. I love how college basketball gives us great early marchips. Zags/Tex last night. It’s not uncommon for UNC and KU or UK and Duke to open the season. On paper all potential Final 4 games and huge matchups. But with the way the tourney ia set up those games essentially don’t mean anything. Texas has just as much of a chance to win a title today as they did last week.

The contrast being in college football a loss like that could potentially end your playoff hopes. And as a result teams are a lot more careful with scheduling.

I don’t know which option I prefer. Love seeing big matchups but also wish there were more stakes.

What y’all think LRA?

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What I have seen is that the early season polls in basketball are even more irrelevant than early season football polls. They should be banned until the conference schedules start. Before that coaches are tinkering and using their schedule as a preseason.


I’d agree with that and be okay with holding the polls until Jan. But I do like thay basketball gives us a lot of interesting matchups on a regular basis and would hate to see that go away.

Hoops starts out with a bunch of fun matchups and then hits an early season crescendo with the Feast Week games and the ACC-B1G challenge. But then with exams and holidays and grouping the worst conference games in early January, it kind of goes into a relative lull until later in January, after bowl season and NFL playoffs. It just is what is with the calendar.

Vs Football? Just a different beast. The longer season lets it have more of an ebb and flow.

The one change I’d make if I were hoops king, wrt hoops scheduling, is to take it out of coaches and schools’ hands and put it into the hands of a 3rd party:

  • fewer buy games
  • but mandate at least one road game in Nov/Dec for the power 5s at a local mid or low major
  • keep all the fun tourneys and MTEs and add more power 6 / high major home and homes
  • basically take scheduling gamesmanship out of the equation in favor of more equitable scheduling and better matchups for fans
  • (more) add another week of noncon games after the super bowl . Try to have “like” teams matchup against each other. Top 20 v top 20, etc
  • consider an early season tourney or tourneys. College hoops is a tourney sport. Add more of what works.

Does anyone think the rumored “silent commit” of London Johnson could be why the Reed Sheppard commitment is happening?

Hypothetically… Reed is told London has “silently committed” and he was down to UK & UVa. UK doesn’t have a PG yet… so he is jumping now.

Hopefully I’m right…


I don’t think Kentucky is recruiting him as a pure PG either, but could totally be wrong.

They are after Dillingham and Wagner as well

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Leader for Dillingham, right?

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I feel like Dillingham screams G League Ignite or Overtime Elite


Yeah no idea how anyone from Donda academy is going to be academically eligible for college.

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Will ask this here to keep the other thread free for Sheppard chat: What’s up with Dunn’s ranking on 247 composite? He dropped from 94 to 116 a few days ago. But he’s stayed the same at 247, so I assume it’s one of the other services. What services make up that composite? Seems odd to drop like that in the absence of games, injury, new news, etc.


Speaking of, Perkiomen has full games on their youtube page:

The jam he attempts at 21:55 is epic and I am here for it. It basically seems like the other team was outmanned and Ryan didn’t play that much because his coach didn’t want to be a jerk.

He is also not even ranked on On3. Weird.

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I wonder if he dropped off somebody’s ranking because he is postgrad


… or they know he is going to enroll early, so the recruiting services said “f’ it… let’s just stop evaluating him at all!”… because now he is technically a '21?

Good question, but the last word I heard on that was from Chris Horne over at the Sabre who asked the Perkiomen coach and it was news to him (i.e., he hadn’t heard of it).

Two random college hoops tidbits:

  1. Awesome late game tonight - Gonzaga-UCLA. 10pm eastern
  2. Titus and Tate, for any fans (me), are doing PBP and color for the St Johns game on FS2 at 7pm. Fun watch before our game and at halftime.

Was very excited to watch the Zags (will I get crucified if I say I love watching them?) until I realized that I prolly have to get up at 4 tomorrow to get my flight out of DFW


That Gonzaga-UCLA game is gonna be so good. Love watching Juzang play. I hope Chet can get something going, when they played Texas he looked physically overmatched