30 years since the NIT title…

Feeling old, but just realized this is the 30 year anniversary of the 1992 NIT title.

While there’s always a letdown after not getting an NCAA bid, that was a fun run. And it was good to see Stith go out with a win, and the FR class with Cory & Junior get tournament experience.

Obviously hope this year’s team gets a bid, but if not, hopefully they would approach the NIT like the 1992 team did.


Dayum. 30 is 30


Wow now I feel old

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Well, not the freshman class getting tournament experience part…

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Good point :rofl:

We also won an NIT in Ralph’s (and my) first year. He outplayed Kevin McHale in the final, if I remember correctly. It was a disappointment – but the next year, Virginia was in the Final Four.


Exactly, against Minnesota and Kevin McHale. This is a picture from a scrapbook I kept in the early 80’s.