ACC schools…football or basketball?

Looking at the current ACC, I was just wondering what schools would fall into the category of “football school” or “basketball school”. And out of respect for our cousins to the southwest, one or the other…no “bass fishing school” responses. Came up with 4 categories…definitely basketball, leans basketball, definitely football, leans football. With more of an emphasis on historically than March 2022.

Definitely basketball
NC State…although the last 30 years hasn’t been kind
UVa…although probably would have been “leans basketball” before TB

Definitely football
Notre Dame
VTech…although I will happily point out, the only one in the group without a national title

Leans basketball
Syracuse…am I wrong? Or should it be definitely basketball?

Leans football
GTech…have had success in both, but not sustained success in both, but does have a football national title
BC…honestly not sure, but gave a slight bump because of Flutie, and the fact that they’ve been more competitive in the ACC since joining in FB.


Might be leans basketball now? I’m actually hoping the football team has a better winning % next year than our basketball team just did.

UVA was a football school for the 90s and early aughts. and in the wilderness from 05-10.

Cuse is a definitely basketball school. Outside of the Mcnabb years, they haven’t been players or contenders since Jim Brown.

I think the measure is if the school became proficient in the other sport would that swing the base? For example, FSU Miami ND are football schools they could win March Madness and the donors would only be interested in who is the starting QB come Aug. Conversely. Duke football could win the next 4 CFPs and the students would still be crying over Coach K retiring.

Virginia Tech is neither. They’re a “football school” with no titles and a losing record in 3 of the last 4 years. They are a football school in reputation from year’s past, but truth is they haven’t been nationally relevant in over a decade.

Eh football is all they are known for nationally. That damn enter sandman entrance has been on TV enough that’s it’s the only thing people outside the state know about tech. That and Vick.

Yes but to be a football school don’t you have to have at least some semblance of recent success?

What about the Greg Paulus year?

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And they’ve somehow managed to work it into the hoops pregame now too. A 30 year old song that isn’t even the band’s best.

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If that’s the case Miami is not a football school.

Listen the last thing I wan to be is a VT sympathizer but I’ll give the devil his due. Esp when he’s pown’d the Hoos for the last 25 years. Not saying they are some national powerhouse. But when people hear VT sports, the majority of the time they will think football before basketball. Not saying they are always good at it. .

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Damn I already forgot about that.

Was going to post something similar. I love to make fun of Tech as much as anyone, but they’ve got a lot more conference titles and important bowl appearances than we do. They’re not Alabama, but they’ve had a fair amount of success.

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Being a football school or a basketball school isn’t about how good you are, it’s about which is more culturally important at the institution. At least that’s the way I see it. VT is obviously a football school.


I’m just talking about recent success. They’re a football school if the definition is what BDragon described which is basically just what a school is known for. I’ll concede people hear Tech and think football.

My point was if we’re going off recent success as the qualifier then they don’t fit that profile. Those conference titles are from over a decade ago. They are nowhere near where they used to be

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