Anthony Robinson Commits to the Hoos!

A lot quotes from his dad, about why he didn’t stick with USF and then about UVA.


I cannot believe the staff insists on continuing to redshirt players after what just happened


Baby steps, new goal is to not redshirt top 100 kids, this one makes more sense. As long as he doesn’t have a GF in a another state, we should be good


All situations are not the same. For all intents and purposes, he’s a 24 that gets a year in the system. This is extremely low risk. Acting like it’s the same as Traudt is just ignorant of very basic details.



Short of 2 out of Minor, Groves, BB & Dunn missing extended time, there’s not a situation where Robinson would be needed. But with 2 of those guys leaving after 2023-24, there’s a path to PT in 2024-25.


Yea and then we will do it again

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For those of you curious about his shot, he has a highlight video on his Instagram with a couple of three balls in there…looks awkward but not the worst in the world


Don’t remember who said it earlier but I agree. I’m fine with Anthony not having a shot. There’s still a place for a rugged athletic rim runner amd The hoos would be well off to have a big focused on being a big amd comfortable on the blocm instead of spotting up.



Very happy with this pick up. With our situation this is low risk high reward. It doesn’t scare anyone away but he has the tools to be a very productive player in the system. Hope Blake can develop a decent outside game because the two could be very effective front court. Or just a one two punch at the five if Stevenson comes on board and Dunn gets a consistent three shot.


This is great. So we just landed 19 year old Giannis. Lets go!!


This doesn’t look like an IT situation at all. I suspect it’s more like Leon—this was probably part of the conversation from early on.


If our guy develops like Giannis that’ll be okay by me


Did anyone notice how he twisted his wrist on that 3 pointer? Crazy weird


Unfortunately Giannis was frankly suffering from malnutrition when he entered the league. Gained 50 lbs in about a year, simply because he was eating in a surplus for the first time in his life. Don’t think Anthony has quite the same gap between his current size and his ceiling.


Bucks just stealin fotos of our guy Dragon at this point and using Giannis head


That is a horrendous jumper that weirdly has decent arc to it. My guess is that it is often off line left or right

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I won’t pretend to know how things will proceed, but if Robinson doesn’t redshirt, how many MPG do you imagine he’ll get? Admittedly, the front court isn’t all that crowded. I have no idea what sort of rotation will evolve, however it wouldn’t surprise me if the it is essentially three: Minor, Dunn, and Buchanan with some Groves depending on matchups. So, if you’re the fifth man in that rotation, and the staff says to you, “There won’t be many minutes for you. Would you like to redshirt to preserve a year of eligibility?”, what would you do? I have no idea if this scenario is even the faintest of possibilities, but if the choice is reduced to 4-5 mpg or redshirting, I don’t think it’s an easy decision not to redshirt.

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You want to play a 3 star project day 1? I get frustration for redshirting top 100 guys, but this dude needs time. And with all due respect, if he transfers, who really cares that much?


He puts a lot of english on that shot. If it stayed airborne for long it would probably move like a curveball

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