Any shot at Oscar Tshibwe?

I know we recruited him fairly heavily. Rumor has it that Miami may already be involved. I don’t know if he is officially in the portal or not. The dude is a beast though. Any shot here?

Well first, does UVA want him? I don’t know anything but it seems pretty doubtful to me. Very messy situation on the surface, the kind TB avoids. Plus if he’s going to transfer now, there’s not a scholarship anyway.


I read up on this and talked to one person that knows the situation a little. He’s expected to transfer for the 2nd semester, which rules UVA out. I think there’s been a lot of false rumors out there. An unfortunate side effect of the coming transfer rule change is that it ups the importance of getting ahead of these things if you understand my meaning. A lot of transfers going forward will probably have their destination picked out ahead of time, which seems to be the case here. Those backchannels usually involve AAU contacts, which gives way to at minimum the appearance of impropriety, particularly relating to shoe brands.


He’s in Miami so Miami? Or is that a false rumor?

I don’t know where he is but Miami fits the description to the letter yeah. Adidas school badly in need of a big for next year.

Any time you get a chance to finish 11th in the ACC for a senile Larranaga you take it


I heard the Miami rumor also

What’s the story here? I thought he was really tight with Huggins.

From what I get, his people weren’t happy with the way he was used or his playing time. Hard for bigs to play the WVU way heavy minutes. He was great last year and still only got 23mpg. Reading between the lines this year he was trying to let up some to save himself to play more while also showing he could be more than just a garbage man… Huggs didn’t like it, played him less. He walked.


So Oscar commits to Huggins who always uses his big men a certain way. Huggins uses Oscar the same way he has always used big men. Oscar walks.

Now I don’t fault him for walking. It is probably his best bet at getting to the next level. But you can’t say this wasn’t entirely predictable

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I am curious why it is tough to play a lot of
Minutes at WVU as a big… I mean we ask a lot of our bigs on defense and offense as well…who doesn’t… what is unique about WVU?

In recent years, they’ve played about as aggressively as it gets. The full court pressure, all out crashing offensive glass, pretty much dare refs to call fouls. I hated watching their games because of how chaotic it got. But they’ve actually gone away from the pressure this year.