April VIP Thread

New month, new general VIP thread.

On the Trey Murphy watch front, expect him to declare for the draft this week. Possible he just tests the waters but from what I’m hearing it sounds like he may be all in.


Thats awesome. Would love to have seen Trey being the focal point and get to play to his full potential in college.

However, you gotta eat. He’s athletic and can just flat out shoot.


What is the standard Spring schedule for returning players? Do they still get together for any type of organized workouts or practices… or is it all on their own?

This debate has already been had but other than a very nice outside shot and dunking ability trey needs SO much more in terms of strength, driving ability, rebounding, ball handling and defense to be a boba fide nba player. He came here to redshirt and get stronger. He should stick with the plan rather than leave a year too early like Justin Anderson did (and I can certainly understand why Justin did it given where he was going to be picked. Trey won’t go that high)

Hate to say it, but Trey can work on all that stuff full time on an NBA bench or in the G league. I hope he comes back, but if he’s in like top 40 picks, I’m guessing he’s gone.


Keep forgetting that Trey has played 3 years in college already. Really tough luck for us but I think he’s gone. Hope we are recruiting the hell out of him to stay and not just saying do whatever you want

He’s a bright kid and may actually value a college degree from uva. But de’andre absolutely could have left a year earlier than he did and it worked out far better for him in the long run. Trey has lottery potential after a strong year as out to to guy. He will be a fringe early to mid second round pick and 2 way guy for at least a year especially when nba roster sizes shrink next year.

Justin left at the perfect time to maximize his career earnings.


And your proof of that is? Who knows how he might have developed with another year under Tony.

I do think there’s compelling arguments for both sides of Trey’s decision. There is also downside risk if he comes back though that’s also worth acknowledging. If he’s the main guy, teams will scheme to stop him, and his numbers could dip. I think he’ll look great, but it’s something to think about, especially if a team is guaranteeing him he’ll get drafted in the late first or early second and get a contract.

To be clear, I do really hope he stays and think there a good argument to, but I also won’t be too torn up if he goes. We are pretty clearly turning a page to a new mini-era, so I’m personally prepared to kind of fully part with the previous one.

How he shot in his first two years at UVA and in his NBA career after that. His shooting the year he was drafted was an outlier and by far the most likely scenario is he would’ve regressed back to his level from his rest of his career and thus fallen in the draft if he came back for a senior season.

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I agree Justin left at the right time. I don’t think he was ever going to shoot that well from three again, given how the entire rest of his career has unfolded. That one hot shooting streak made him millions and millions of dollars, and he grabbed it.


To be honest the whole come back to school and develop argument isn’t really much of a thing in these circles. NBA teams are willing to wait for development for guys with the right ceiling and esp with the G league they have the tools to do so. The only value to returning is the difference in $ from the pick he’d be this year to the one he’d be next year.


If he’s in the top 40, he’s in all likelihood getting a deal. The variance between mid to late first round money and early second round money is not worth the year of not making money. Plus those deals offer more flexibility for the player.

Financially makes sense for him


Financially makes all the sense in the world. You are getting money a year sooner, hit your 2nd contract a year sooner and you only have so many years in your body to be an athlete. Seeing a lot of info saying he will be picked in the mid 30s.


Right I think top-40 pick is assumed. Sticking point is how he performs in the pre draft workouts and this is the only way I see him staying. If the flaws he does have show (still not as strong as he ought to be to contribute in the league and still a bit limited offensively) then he could fall to a top-50 pick which is when he’d prolly want to consider coming back. But, in contrast, if he shows out in the workouts, combine, etc. as having that additional element to his offensive game then he’s prolly going in the first round


That’s going to be the crazy part. Typically you don’t think of NBA Draft combines being all that big of a deal, but it does have a big impact on those midlevel picks. I think Trey is going to show up with a crazy amount of atheisms that may surprise a few and there’s enough time that he could conceivable put on a few (5-10) lbs of strength. Then it will come down to the skills on the offensive end that @brogdonfanpage mentioned. Those take more than a few months to develop, but if he can show he has the body and athleticism to hold his own then NBA teams probably won’t be as shy about him.


If I’m an nba scout I would play the hours of tape trey just exhibited over the course of the season standing on the perimeter doing very little. Maybe that’s on the coaches but there s nothing on his tape that shows the multi faceted ability to succeed in the nba over time. If you think he will develop it, good luck. You may be right. There are plenty of players drafted on potential alone that succeed—and at least as many that fail. I like demonstrated performance and trey to be only showed periodic glimpses.

How much money do you make as a 2nd round pick playing in the G League for your first season? I’d personally want the chance at lotto money and at worst fall back to that same G League money after another year of college but that’s just me. And I know the argument about getting to your next contracts a year earlier but teams will invest more in a lotto pick than a 2nd round pick in terms of development so I don’t think it’s as black and white as it seems

If you get a deal like Harris or brogdon did, it is similar to late first round with more freedom on the back end