Ask a Question for The JWILLY Show: 11/30/22

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Kinda obvious ones to ask but how is Reece’s ankle?

How is Shedrick’s face? Concussion?

Haven’t caught up with nearly all the threads here today, so apologies if these have already been answered.


How did the coaching staff decide to change their side ball screen coverage to keep the ball on the sideline (what the broadcast last night called “Push” coverage)?

What about the team or a specific player has been the biggest surprise so far?

What are the differences between the plan for skill development and strength development for a redshirt player vs one at the back end of the rotation?

Note: my forum username is a bunch of nonsense words, so feel free to shorten it to AQ if reading it out to JWilly.


1.) What 5-man lineup combo has impressed him the most (either defensively or offensively)?

2.) How can they encourage I-Mac to be more aggressive?

3.) Who asks better questions, that Coach’s Corner guy or Fresh?


What’s the toughest question a reporter has ever asked you?

And 3 is the Fresh question of the week!

  1. what was your read on Hunter Dickinson out of HS? Did he also have this big personality back then?

  2. when you see Nolan Smith are you going to go with the chokehold or the leg sweep?

  3. This year UVA vs last year Duke. Who are you putting on Aj Griffen and who is on Jeremy roach?