Beekman is not a 2 guard -

Free him please coach!
Just a waste of his talent being off ball so much. He should also always guard the opponent’s main ball handlers to disrupt their offense with his length and quickness.

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I love Beekman and the long-range potential at point guard. That said, when Kihei is out of the game, the offense seems to stall more frequently. I’d be curious to see metrics on this to see if my hunch has merit.

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Pretty sure there was an article a week or two ago that mentioned that UVA’s offensive stats are highest when Reece initiates the offense. Now that doesn’t mean that Kihei isn’t on the floor, just that Reece is starting the play. I do agree that Reece isn’t a 2 guard and that when the team needs a bucket and shots aren’t falling, they have to do something besides the 2 PG lineup.


I think I agree with both of you. Reece seems to pick his spots well, but doesn’t have as much experience being forced to create something out of nothing.

For anyone who’s curious like I was–Net efficiency per 100 possessions in conference play:

On Off
Kihei On 14.6 29.3
Off 20.0 0.0

**Small sample size disclaimer

Edit: Had a couple games duplicated, numbers were off. Should be correct now


Yes Reece is better initiating…the problem is Tony won’t let anyone see what it looks like in bigger chunks with Reece at PG and a true 2 guard with him like TW.

Having trouble following what your chart is trying to say with these absolute numbers and also the setup doesn’t easily allow me to understand whose off and on numbers are whose…interested in what this data might indicate though…

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