Bennett to the Celtics?

Wondering if he takes Brad’s call?

Highly highly doubt it

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Doesn’t seem like the type of job he’d want but I assume he’d mesh well with Stevens. I feel like Tony would be better suited for a small market NBA job for a team that isn’t capable of building a superteam like Boston

Tony is not going to coach pro ball. A NBA coach has no say about anything. Tony won’t go for that. No 5 pillars there


I’d say the way things have unfolded for Stevens and Beilein certainly help our chances of keeping TB forever

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Also with K retiring we can rule the ACC until he gets tired of it…we will be Villanova South.

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“I’ve talked to a number of NBA teams when they’ve had openings. It was a no. It was a ‘not even going to have a conversation with you,’” Wojnarowski told Long. “That interest has been there. And you talk about a guy who’s loyal to where he is and seems to love what he’s doing.”

I mean…wasn’t this posted just a few weeks ago?


F’ that. Villanova is UVa North.



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Stevens jisr for a promotion

Between Pitino and Stevens, you’d think the Celtics would be a little hesitant to go to the college ranks this time. Stevens wasn’t a failure per se, but it wasn’t the success story they were looking for either.


I find the narrative flipping on Steven’s bizarre. He took three very mediocre teams (by ECF standards) to the eastern conference finals. This year was a bit of a bummer but the back end of that roster is abysmal.


I don’t think Steven’s was a failure. I’d say Ainge let him down failing to turn a boatload of picks into much. What Steven’s does in the front office will be interesting. The Celts are not in great position beyond a yr or two