Big 10 overhyped

Since 2002 FOUR different ACC teams have won an NCAA basketball championship. Big 10 zero. That league has failed to produce champions for decades. Michgan State got one in 2000. Even Maryland who is now in their league beat Indiana to get theirs. So you win the Big 10 ACC challange a handful of times. But just like this year implode in the tournament. I will give them credit for participating in 6 championship games. But still no champion in 21 yrs.

I know the Big 10. And Big 10 … You are no ACC


The ACC’s problem over the past few years is they have underwhelmed in the out-of-conference schedule while the Big 10 has over-achieved. Once the conference season commences, we are now into conference echo chamber validation. If your out-of-conference kicked ass, then it is “the best teams beating up on each other”. If you underwhelmed, it’s a down year for the conference… nothing can change that narrative.

Remedy for the ACC is to actually take care of business top-to-bottom in November & December… whether the teams are actually good doesn’t matter after that for the hype machines. Who cares if that is when teams are tinkering with their line-ups… your conference’s perception has been solidified. Kenpom and Torvik numbers have been set and the insulated numbers within the conference are secured!


I think the B1G uses some of the extra revenue to promote their league. It’s not coincidence that SEC and B1G perception is up at the same time as revenue. Unfortunately that gap looks to continue to expand in the coming years. Duke and UNC being a little down last year really hurt too. Hopefully somebody from the ACC wins again this year. Definitely don’t want perception to become reality.


This is why as much as most ACC fans dislike Duke and Carolina the league needs those transitions to go smoothly if it wants to remain in the conversation for top conference. The league is being held up by the tobacco road mystique as it falls behind in several other areas tied to revenue. If Duke and UNC fall off it could be a swift decline to Pac 12/Big East territory. The league will still be good enough for individual teams to win national titles (see Villanova) but the days as the preeminent conference would be over.

Other option of course is to find a way to close the revenue gap but I’m not really sure how they can accomplish that. The fan bases in football are just so much smaller than in the SEC and Big 10.

Hmmm I don’t want dook to be good…ever! As what was stated above- just because Big 10 is considered good doesn’t mean they EIN anything. I would rather that *we take care of our business and dominate the ACC for decades to come with Tony.

If you only judge conferences by national titles you are going to miss the vast majority of what is going on in the sport.

Ultimately I just want the ACC to remain strong enough to allow us to win 1 and 2 seeds and prepare us for the tournament. It should be able to do that. But for the people who care about being the best conference those days are probably over. The bottom half of the league has been weak for half a decade now. The league has been propped up by having 3-4 legitimate Final Four contenders at the top. Then the last two years we didn’t even have that. Seeing as the bottom of the league lacks the $$$ to add the coaching staffs to compete with the bottom of the Big 10, SEC, and Big 12 that leaves the only way back to the top of the sport as consistently having 3+ strong FF contenders again. Or we can not worry about conference supremacy and just enjoy UVA.