Blue/White Scrimmage recap

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God bless for the clips.

Kadin is so much faster than huff on screen action (hedging on defense/ sliding towards the rim on offense). That and he is the opposite of huff sitting on the perimeter waiting to pumpfake a 3. Bresh of fresh air (I say this as a Huffian).


Thanks for that guys, awesome.

So I watched with an eye specifically on 3 things:

  1. Taine
  2. Igor
  3. Offensive Flow

I ignored everything else.

My semi informed, HS level bball experience is:

1 & 2, from the brief clips and peoples comments I had already toned down expectations for both this year. After watching this, they are back up. Why? they played against our D, movement, and being aggressive. Both moved very well within the flow of the offense, especially Taine. He has that quality of being in the right spot, making the right cut and being ready to shot/drive. He took shots and drove when the defense gave it to him. Same with Igor to a lesser extent, he seemed in the right spots and was looking to score in those spots, not just wildly driving or throwing up contested J’s. His shot and post moves look good. Both seem confident

Obviously they both need seasoning but I think they’ll both help this year.

  1. Offensive Flow. Ehhh, not as crisp as I would have liked. As others have mentioned things seem to get stagnate and passing around the key when Reece isnt running the show. Cuts seem slow, pick and rolls arent hard and fast, things seem to move kind of in slow mo a lot.

Again, it is against our D and 3 very very good on ball defenders so I’ll cut a little slack. We certainly have guys that can score the ball but we need to run stuff to use them most effectively


I can’t get over how pretty Igor’s shot looks, even when he misses.


Same! His form is gorgeous.

I’ve been hyping up Kadin as the highest upside player on the team and I don’t think anyone would really dispute that, but he looked soooo smooth. I think he puts up 7-8 ppg this year and then really explodes next year.


One last thing as I continue talking to myself but they said it on the video, but it’s so true: Stattmann looks so much bigger than we he came in. He looks like a legit ACC player and at his size that’s a versatile weapon in Tony’s arsenal. All comes down to how well he shoots it but form looks better


Kadin has such better footwork than so many of our prior bigs did at this stage in their career


Maybe toning down the hype for Igor, agree his shot looks Sam Hauser smooth though, but I don’t think Taine played below his lesser hype on this board and maybe played well above it. His shot looks very good, plus all the other positive attributes you brought up.

I wasn’t able to go to the Blue White scrimmage this year, but in previous years when I’ve attended, including for the offensive juggernaut in 2018/2019, the offense has seemed gummed up and slow much of the time. I attribute that to playing against the same players you’ve been practicing against for months if not several seasons. I also don’t know if Tony focuses on defense during the first couple of weeks of practice (seems likely) and not the offense until the last couple of weeks.


Jay Gardner is like a 90’s style player, who plays much bigger than his size. He was also guarded by Igor, who is a terrible matchup for him.

I’ll take a wild guess and say that Igor and Taine are probably not ready on the defensive side, but will likely have to play due to their offensive ability…depending on the matchup.

Taine reminds me a little of Joe Harris with his movements…a Joey Hoops light version.
or a giant Billy Baron.