Boston College vs Virginia thread

Just kicked off. Anyone else around?

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I’m here! Haha. But I think the lack of easy TV viewing is going to harm viewership of this one.

lol Yep. Everybody on twitter asking for streams. These RSN games are the worst. BC up 7-3 after a bomb.

God our secondary is terrible. Just consistently terrible

I arrived just in time to see BC cross the goal line.

Just got home in time to see a replay of every game this year

What a return! We’ve missed that.

Well, that’s two disappointing red zone trips. But at least we’re putting points on the board. Would like to see us trust Armstrong a little more and throw into the middle of the field every now and again in the red zone.

Somehow this game is on up here on YES. Fresh is watching yo

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Did he just quote dumb and dumber?

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What a surprise. . . Grant fails to make a play.


Our secondary straight up is not good.

Just got in is the game 9n espn3?

Makes we wonder why any team ever tries to run it at all. Just throw it. We aren’t going to stop you.

Do you get Fox Sports South?

Maybe that last play is a good indicator as to why they run sometimes! :joy:

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Nick grant and davante cross are the worst d1 football players I’ve ever seen

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Haha. I like to think I caused that!

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It’s on ESPNPlayer… but I have the announcers muted.

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