BVP and Sean McNeil Recruitment Thread

Since these are the only balls at play for now and the other threads are all over the place, will post any updates, relevant or far flung, here til they’ve made their calls or until HGN posts another intel thread.


Visited UVA April 14-15 Visited WI April 19 Visiting Iowa St April 20. No other known visits. Maybe OSU

Randon WI poster (some think is an insider) posted last night he thought WI had him. No comment from WI 247 Mod. UVA and ISU 247 mods think trending WI.

HGN - things still feel good from UVA side

ISU mod thinks he will decide by the weekend

Sean McNeil:

Visited UVA April 18-19. Visiting Cinncy April 21 Visiting OSU and IU this weekend Visiting Louisville April 29-30

No real intel put out there yet. Randon Louisville poster with supposed connections to McNeil said UVA was favorite ‘at the moment’

Louisville mod thinks they are the favorite and he is a take, hence the visit

Will add that guru emeritus @zblakey thinks we land someone (I assume he knows who) by the end of the month. Has been pretty consistent with this. May or may not be one of the above


I’m looking forward to another epic Wiscy board meltdown when Vander Plas chooses elsewhere. Man, that was great last time lol


anything new on the social media front w either? Any new BVP follows, of the WI version ?

@Hooandtrue is the man for this job

no recent current badger follows


Oh I dont care much for either of these/am okay with adding neither of them and running McKneely and Traudt LOL.

I do like AJ Green a LOT though but thats not happening. so womp.


I just meant you’re our best social media stalker lol. Was volunteering you for the job.



Iowa St mod said their visit went well, thinks it is between ISU and Wi with WI having edge, and that he’ll decide in next few days. Thinks available PT working in ISU favor. Err I don’t see him passing up UVA and WI for Ames. We’ll see. Has of yet not dropped any social media clues, as pointed out elsewhere did recently follow Kadin and Chase (guessing they were his hosts)


Remind me, is he done with visits now?

I think so

McNeil visits Cincinnati today. Draw would be closest to home and loads of PT. Downside is they are in a rebuild using the portal. Just landed former IU and long ago UVA target Rob Phinesse to run the point, that would be his backcourt mate. So, yea, they are probably gonna stink and play in front of small crowds, but at least his family could watch and he’d be close to fiancé.

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And they have a sweet new arena

Huh, didn’t know that, ours is ok though :slight_smile:

Newly renovated back in 2018. Originally opened in 1989, but looks really nice.

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See chase just followed McNeil. Wonder if his job is full time host


Apparently, no visit to Cinncy today for McNeil. According to Cinncy Mod Coach Miller has been sick tbd if it will be rescheduled. If it is hopefully it is before UL visit so as not to drag this out. Of course, this gap in between visit should just spurn him to go ahead commit.


I don’t feel like Cincinnati is that much of a contender for McNeil. Unless he’s a lot more determined to stay super close to home than people realize. Expect he’ll end up at UVA Louisville or Indiana.

It’ll be UVA or Wisconsin for Vander Plas.


Yea Cincy in the AAC doesn’t really make sense with legitimate ACC and Big 10 opportunities on the table. Maybe if he was an underclassman that would still be around when they jump to the Big 12 it would be more understandable.

IU is fascinating. Currently at 15 scholarships w Trace Jackson Davis leaning to retuning and apparently Dennis and McNeil are both takes. Mmmm K

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