BVP and Sean McNeil Recruitment Thread

I won’t be upset one bit. I know he has the Bennett connection but he’s not a great fit athletically and gods knows we need more athleticism on the roster. Just not worth the one-year rental.

Hauser was/is the much better player and even with having Hauser eat up two scholly’s without any tourney success wasn’t worth the two year (scholly) rental. The kid from Ohio sure isn’t the answer.


X1 million.


My man!! :fist:t5:

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Well the choice isn’t athletic 4 vs. BVP, it’s no one vs. BVP. Given that, I like him giving us depth and experience and floor spacing at the 4.


Traudt getting developmental burn at the 4 is the alternative. Traudt will be better than BVP. Experience in the MAC doesn’t do anything for us.

Traudt was the best 3pt shooter period (not even “for a big”) at the NBPA top 100 camp.

Made 70+ 3s out of 100 from NBA range.

Traudt is also way more athletic than BVP and BVP’s lack of athleticism will hurt us defensively.

Hauser is 10 times the offensive player BVP is (despite the one game head to head where everyone sucked). And we still were hurt at times defensively. BVP im not sure has enough fire power to be a net positive given the defensive struggles we would incur.


I mean I don’t disagree, but we aren’t getting anyone else. Calvary ain’t coming next year (at least they won’t be ready next year) At least this guy or McNeil could add some scoring to the pathetic offensive line up we are determined to run back.


First year Traudt will be better than BVP? That’s definitely not true, no matter how much development he gets his first year. The staff wouldn’t be looking at BVP if they felt that either. I think a fair case can be made that we want Traudt to get those minutes to develop … not the same as winning more games.

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If I thought he’d play 20mpg I’d absolutely agree. It moot you and I both know he won’t.


That’s fair.
I think them wanting to add BVP goes back to I think it was @Hoos9412 who said fans think of the ceiling and coaches think of the floor.


100%. And how do you pair him defensively with Jayden, another undersized 4 without the footspeed to guard wings - combined with a 5’8" guard + 6’2" backcourt?


It’s also very possible we strike out, add no one and put the Traudt mpg theory to the test


yeah, i just don’t see him getting minutes at the four regardless next year.

You don’t. But could BVP and Jayden play together in the from court if the back court is Reece, Armaan or McKneely, and one of the young 6’5+ wings? Could be an intriguing, very switchable, matchup dependent small ball lineup to have.

Jayden and BVP would be the roster front court defensive pairing Tony has ever had and he would have an aneurysm LOL. Two 6’6 below the rim non bouncy forwards. What makes it work at a school like Villanova or heck even St. Peters is that their 4/5 are VERY mobile and athletic and are able to defend all 5 spaces on the floor.

That being said, if Brandon Slater becomes available we need to be his first phone call if not already tampering with him.


Yeah if you ran out Reece, Armaan, Bond, Dunn, and then like Henry Coleman/McKoy type bruiser forward at the 5 it would work. Not with Kihei + Gardner and BVP


Not saying it would be the go to lineup. Just as an option to have. I think it’s clear we aren’t getting a perfect lineup this year unless some combo of Murray, Bond, and Dunn is ready to play 35 minutes a night at the 3.


Well of course Kihei couldn’t be on the court in that lineup for it to have a shot lol that’s why I said Reece at the 1 and either Armaan or Isaac at the 2 (or McNeil if we get him). It would only have a chance if you could switch everything.

Bruh, we don’t need Traudt to be better than BVP, we need Traudt to play and develop as early as possible. Not a one-year rental that does not push our roster to the next level or address a specific need.

It should be all about the future and overhauling the roster to add more talent, versatility, athleticism and toughness.


Meh. Slater can’t shoot.

He can shoot some though and he also gives you a player that guards all 5 spots on the floor. Our defensive struggles need to be urgently addressed just as much as the shooting woes.

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