Casey on cbs as breakout player


“I look at Morsell and see an altered/inferior collegiate version of Malcom Brogdon.” Who writes this garbage?

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I hope that Morsell does have a breakout year! Article is fairly complementary of Morsell in picking him as a possible break out player and future NBA player. The comparison to Malcolm using the adjective “inferior” seemed out of place in the context of the remainder of the write up. Guessing just a poor word choice.

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To be fair, Malcolm was ACCPOY and ACCDPOY. Awkward word choice but pretty much every player will have an inferior career than Brogdon. Seems more like a playstyle comparison as big-bodied, defensive combo guards.


I’m a huge Casey fan. I think he could be one of the best defenders in the country by his senior year. Also think his jumper will start to show this year, and we’ll see driving lanes open up for him in the paint. Had one or two sweet drive-to-drunk moments this year. Think we’ll see a lot more of those this upcoming season


I agree @JoeBoxley. I think Casey is a stud defensively and will only get better. To play at the level he did as a first year was impressive. Offensively he showed glimpses of what he is capable of and i think he has a high ceiling of potential to reach for.


He was a beast vs ASU. You can see the potential.


Quite easy for me to see Casey as ACCDPOY and potentially ACCPOY if he stays 4 yrs. Kid has loads of potential.


But he wasn’t … 7/12 FG’s and 1/5 on threes. 2 boards, 1 assist and 2 turnovers

Hit the go ahead bucket, scored 19 points when the rest of the team combined for 29, went 6-7 on 2pt fg, 4-4 on fts. I doubt he’ll ever be a flamethrower from deep, but think he displayed what he can be very good at in that game.