Clemson Postgame Thread

Big game today at 6pm ET. Game preview:

This’ll also be our live game thread.


Does Clemson play with Simms mostly at the 4, or does he play 5 for them too?

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Semantics, all 3 bigs are essentially stretch 4/5s but Simms has a great all around game. In terms of who’ll guard Huff, probably Simms as he’s the strongest and saviest to deny Huff position. Simms will be a tough guard for Huff but he is familiar with him. He’ll need to be diligent in it picking up silly fouls.

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Any insight re whether Shedrick will be active?

Wow. KenPom says Clemson (who we only place once this year) is currently the only top 20 team on UVA’s schedule (though FSU, Duke, and Louisville are 25th through 27th, respectively). Its finally hitting me just how weak the ACC is this year. I’d bet we’re closer to the Pac12 than we are the Big 12.

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Bettors have been hammering Virginia in this one. We’ve gone from 1 1/2 point dogs to 2 point favorites since the line came out.

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Fun ending at Clemson 2007. Clemson was riding high and the Hoos were still trying to figure it out.


I remember that game! Wow already 14 years ago. Time flies :open_mouth:

Kadin looks like he’s not playing…


Clemson allow fans?

Anybody have any info on what he’s dealing with? Already had mono before the season started, can’t be the flu or he wouldn’t be around the team, could it be a similar issue like Kody??

Yeah, they’ve had 1,600 to 1,800 or so for home games.

This is worrisome. Can you recatch minion?

That’s a pretty big swing in 24hrs. Wonder if Clemson has an undisclosed injury.

It’s not a kody situation…he is day to day


I don’t know. I wondered the same thing or if they might have some guys who are still in contact tracing. But they’re actually supposed to get Hunter Tyson today back after five games out. He’s a 6-8 forward who can step out and hit 3s, which seems to be a weakness for our defense this year.

What non-Covid, and presumably non-mono, illness lasts this long? It’s getting worrisome. In any event, it hurts our chances if he’s not available today. Simms is really good at drawing fouls.

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I was under the impression that mono can lead to a bunch of recurring minor illnesses for months to come. Could be residual from mono


Also, very worried Huff gets in foul trouble here early. Simms draws a ton of fouls. If Shedrick is out, we could see a lot of Papi today