College Gameday back to Cville?

The Duke game on February 29 has been moved to 6 pm on ESPN. Reports are that it sets up a great time slot for ESPN college gameday to come back. I’d personally love for it to come back to cville- always a great time when I’ve gone


They usually try to get the gameday game in the 6pm prime time slot and almost always only go to an ESPN game for it. Looking over the schedule, it feels safe at this point to narrow it down to either our game or MSU/Maryland. I feel pretty good about our chances. Also, it’s a very fun event. The gameday guys are all extremely fan friendly, I’ve had 5 minute long conversations with Rece Davis at every one we’ve gotten.


Great to hear! I’ve been twice and it’s such a great experience. Last year, I got to meet Jay Bilas and later got his autograph from my cousin that works with him. Great guy. I really hope it comes back

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