Comparisons for Context of this Team’s Success

Players from this team compared to previous Bennett era players as a way to appreciate how much success this team has had.

Kihei: undersized point guard, talented facilitator, shooter best cast as a secondary scorer asked to carry the mantle - London
Stattmann: expected shooter who has struggled to shoot, subpar lateral quickness but a surprisingly plus defender - Nolte
Morsell: thick bulldog defender, most effective when able to get to the rim, struggling with outside shot - Jontel
Huff: talented hands, great shot blocker, overstated reputation for getting bullied on the block - Tobey
Diakite: rangy, athletic, excellent at hedging and springy second jump, sweet jump hook - Akil
Woldetensae: shooter with limited athleticism, picked up the defense quickly enough to get minutes on a thin wing team - Jesperson
Cafarro: rugged big man, immovable object, bought into offensive and defensive role - Salt

The team record is pretty remarkable given the rotation roster of London, Nolte, Jontel, Tobey, Akil, Jesperson, and Salt—all of whom were integral parts to the building of this program. The best UVA teams, as with most great college teams, have had a Scott, Harris, Brogdon type as a focal point though. I think Bennett and the players have really done a great job this year and I’m excited to see the players continue to develop and their games as all those before them have.


Good way of breaking it down. Makes sense to me. Im sad that we are having a disappointing season in comparison to other years, but for the first time in years we dont have the guy that can get his own points as the clock is winding down. So Im not disappointed in their individual performances. We are just missing some integral pieces.


Hoo is your Braxton comparison?

Braxton: Swiss army knife. Most versatile player on the court. Can play any position when asked - De’Andre Hunter