Congrats Reece Beekman, Gatorade POY

Tough time for his family but I know winning this award was one of his top goals after being snubbed last year.
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That’s awesome! Biggest incoming recruit in recent history for sure

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Near triple double :eyes:

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*“Reece is the total package,” Sample said. "He can score, play defense, rebound and find an open teammate for an assist. He led by example and is one of the most complete players I have ever coached. *

“Over the last year he became more consistent as a shooter and became physically stronger by working with a personal trainer two or three times a week. You could see it in his legs … he exploded and elevated. He played above the rim before and now he is really up there.”


This Crisis is of course going to hurt teams nationwide but really hope this class can get on Grounds by July and start integrating. Loss of the summer trip is big, this was the perfect year and class to get up to speed fast. That said I think all three guys have above average b-ball IQ for incoming college freshmen and will be able to grasp our concepts reasonably soon.


Really happy for him.

Reece finished the Louisiana POY sweep by being named Mr. Basketball.


He really had a year. Being that he is 100% healthy and already such a well rounded player, I may actually be a bit more excited about him than JAR. Either way, we have some killer talent heading to UVA!

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I’m excited about him too. I watched him several times this year. He is very smart. Great passer ,kind of a pass first guy but knows when to drive or take his jumpshot. He dont look that quick but he is one of the best drivers I’ve ever seen with savvy moves. Great rebounder too