Coppin State Postgame Thread

Starting a new thread separate from the game thread for general thoughts and analysis.

This could also be called the “Igor Milicic future NBA MVP Thread”, but I didn’t want to confuse anyone searching ‘Coppin State’.


Georgia played a lot of small ball down the stretch vs GT. Jabri even getting some run at the 4/5. Don’t think they can guard Jayden but also don’t think they plan to guard Jayden iso. Can we guard their small ball with our starting line up and can we score if they triple Jayden? Preseason this would have been an easy victory for us in my book even with the learning curve we expected. But nowwwwwwww tbd.

I just want to see a Reece Armaan Taine Igor Kadin Lineup. And then I can die happy.


On recruiting misses I will say it’s extremely frustrating watching point guards we were on, like Alex Barcello and Jahvon Quinerly, ball out so far this season. Could really use that veteran high level point guard with a strong 3pt shot at the one.

Of course Kihei helped us win the natty and I don’t want to mess with the butterfly effect, but in terms of individual talent and down the line.

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It isn’t just Kihei. Reece has a ways to go be as good as we hoped.


Beekman has yet to be given any opportunities to play with the right mix on the floor. Clark for 33 minutes against Coppin State??? I mean seriously. And Reece for 32. Just doesn’t work.


I just don’t know what the coach sees there… I still think think this less about roster and more about bad coaching.

How do you expect someone to fully learn the defense if they don’t get to it against the opponent.

I’m sure Reece and Kihei together looks great in practice

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Hot take after watching 7 or 8 game minutes of the YES replay: Jayden can’t be the focal point of the offense. He struggles scoring against Coppin’s front line. We saw what Houston did to him. If he’s option 1, this season will be a slog. (Though to be fair, this season is starting to seem like a slog even if he’s not)

Another less hot take: love Coppin’s unis

Kody as roll man, take 1: okay okay!
Kody as roll man, take 2: oh…

Agree with below about Reece- needs more non Kihei time, but he also just needs to get better in general. Golly the offensive chemistry with the starters is just awful awful awful awful (also, awful)

Zarzuela can get any step back he wants vs Kody. That’s why Kody is less good than his rep on D. Not like the step back is the most efficient shot, but still. Kody has no quicks

Even putting Igor in Kadin’s spot makes the offense flow better for the starters. (Thought we’d see a few more tricks from Kadin on O… nice foul line jumper in the 2H tho)


Reece has an offensive efficiency of 82 this year. He can’t shoot 3s or mid range jumpers. He hasn’t shown much ability to create for himself because defenders back off him. And he’s struggling to finish at the rim when he does get there.

He needs to play better, no matter who is beside him. He’s not a freshman anymore.


Reece is a very good player but the narrative that Kehei is holding him back is not true. Taking Kehei out does not fix Reeces jumpers or his ability to finish in traffic. At best he is improved by having an extra shooter on the floor. The aMe argument could be made for any PG. Problem is this team doesn’t have that shooter. Franklin ia streaky missing open looks. Kody… eh Carson is not what the fans want him to be. His skill set is not power 5 reasdy. Taine? Eh haven’t seen it yet. Igor may be the best option and that’s not a realistic option.

My point being. Reeces offensive success is dependent on who else is on the floor with him meaning his actual abilities are limited. And it doesn’t move the needle on this team.


I’m starting to lean that way on Jayden. There’s a reason There’s a difference between the AAC and ACC hes talented but is not a power 5 level post dominator.


I still think Gardner will be very good for us but he’ll need to adjust his game. Going to have to take more floaters and mid range or else teams will sag on him and not let him bully them in the paint. A lot harder to play bully ball against ACC level bigs

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It’s hard to score when you’re triple teamed every time you touch the ball in the post.


Why not put shooters on the floors spread it out and let him operate… Igor, Murray and the other players are going to have to develop either way, and Tony recruited them. So he has to ride with them and let them learn it on the floor.

Losing isn’t a big deal if players are getting valuable experience and the team is improving.

As it stands right now, the coach isn’t putting the players he recruited in the best place for them to succeed.


Especially when you’re 6-5 and can’t jump.

Also, has anyone started to call Banchero Miss Daisy? It’s funny to me. Not sure it’ll resonate with the kids…

I think the argument for playing Reece more without Kihei would be trying to instill some confidence. He’s so reluctant at times, defers to Kihei.

One thing about Gardner is he played mostly center at ECU. Faced them up and out quicked them a lot including to the glass. Running blocker mover or just playing him with another true big doesn’t do him any favors either. More bodies in the paint. Even if they play him straight there’s usually a secondary defender.


Yup, those are the two big issues with the starters

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Kihei Carson Kody Igor Jayden line up

and then Reece Armaan Taine Igor Kadin lineup.

Essentially what im saying is give 40 minutes to Igor.


Re-watched the game this morning. Couple thoughts, focusing on mostly positives:

  • Igor hype train is full steam ahead. He looked lost at times but he plays with a lot of energy, like he’s really grateful to get the run. I hope Tony lets him play longer spurts when our offense is sputtering because he can be an instant offense type of guy for us. Kid has a very bright future here. Guys his size, that move like that and shoot with that type of touch, are few and far between.

  • Kadin’s defense is super encouraging. He has potential to be one of the best big defenders we’ve had in the packline and he might already be the most disruptive shot blocker. He’s not Mamadi or Akil level on defense yet but his shot blocking ability, given his absurd wingspan, is already way ahead of where those two were at this stage of their careers. He blocks shots you don’t think can possibly be blocked.

  • Kadin’s offense is starting to show up. That hook against Houston, the ridiculous one hand rebound and dunk, the free throw touch. We NEED to feed him more and let him work down low and honestly, I’m completely fine with him taking a few mid-range jumpers per game. He’s still developing, maybe slower than some would like, but he has elite upside, and is in my eyes the most important future piece that we currently have on the roster (Reece and Igor being the other two in that convo imo)

  • This offense will go as Armaan goes. The streakiness is worrisome but he got some wide open looks last night. If he spreads out his makes vs. all or nothing like the Radford game, then we are easily 3-1 right now. Not sure that’s a good thing, but worth noting. I at least like that he’s getting to the hoop.

  • Stattmann has been disappointing on defense from what I’ve seen and I’ve always been of the belief that he is WAY too passive but let’s give the guy some credit. He has really worked on his shot and it looks so much better. Still a little slow but if you give him any time at all, then you can count it. My biggest thing with him would be that I’d like to see him hunt that shot. If he moved like Igor moved, we’d be ticked he wasn’t starting, but we may just have to appreciate that he’s a solid enough, versatile enough, role player who still provides value, albeit with perhaps limited upside.

  • Very sorry to see that Carson or Taine appear to be in the doghouse. I have zero desire to see a walk-on get minutes so hopefully that was just Tony sending a message. I believe Carson can be a good role player here, but I have legit hopes for Taine. Frankly, I was expecting to see more of him at this stage and the fact that we haven’t is not encouraging. Those two need to get their acts together because we’ll need one of them.


Curious why we aren’t seeing the O rating, D rating, and net rating for each game anymore. Did my rant on D rating do it? Or was it something else…

Might just be Reece’s ratings aren’t very good haha