Discussion of Overall 21-22 Season - prior to the end of it

We don’t have that joe harris 3pt threat to space the floor. We don’t have that versatile defender in the starting line up. Our bigs don’t shoot 3s and other teams have multiple bigs who are more of a 3pt threat than our guards in terms of floor spacing.

I don’t know. The roster if it returns doesn’t have that player that can take us to the next level in crunch moments in a tournament setting. Reece maybe but they can just pack the paint if he tries to drive.

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Yeah, key point here. I think the basic intuition behind the idea that we will be much better if we run the same core 6 for the full season next year is that Bennett’s system demands a large investment of time and by early next year or so, those guys will have it and so why not run with that, and why do the rest of you want to scrap that to go back down the experience curve again?

Well, the reason the rest of us want to scrap that and go back down the experience curve again is that we also agree with the core intuition that Bennett’s systems reward experience, but I think we weigh the talent/skill part of the equation more, and we want more skilled/talented players to get up the experience curve.

Now, to be fair, I don’t really know much about skill/talent until I see it on the floor…


People might just need to be at peace with us not competing for championships or final fours next year. It seems far more realistic that we get to that level in two to three years. Even with a big time transfer, I doubt we would. Or at least there’s no precedent for it under Tony (although the sample size is small obviously).


Yeah, tbh, my prior is that none of our options next year, from “ride the core 6” to “ride the talented recruiting class”, or any in the middle, will have us in that discussion come next March. Though I think @Hooandtrue 's strategy of getting 3 or 4 lottery guys to forego the draft and transfer to the Hoos is worth a try. :wink:


Good points all around. I truly believe in my heart and soul, that is we can just find a Kevin Durant-type and maybe a Chris Mullin-type in the portal this summer, we will be good to go next year.


Why would we need another Kevin Durant type, we already have Shedrick


True - then we just need a Luka Doncic- type to complete the roster.



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I like your optimism.

I tend to lean in with @MaineWahoo The 23 and 24 teams are the ones I’m curious to see what happens, For as good as this year’s class is/might be these are not 1-n-done players which are the type of players that can change a program overnight. They are very good players with high ceilings, but they will require some time.


Its going to be crazy when we run out a Reece Armaan Julian Phillips Jayden Patrick Baldwin Jr line up.


Run Torvik from the 1st Louisville win thru the Duke loss and we’re 19th. That’s the time frame everybody got excited. Heck, even with the loss to FSU we carried that 19 thru the end of the regular season.

So yeah I’d say Navy and JMU (along with the blowout losses to Clemson and NC State) sunk us.