Dragon's 2021 College Football Picks Week 7

Alright so I’ve been talking serious football all day on here, and it’s time I undermine everything I just said by proving I don’t know a thing about the sport. Last week I loss a boat load and brought my record to 15-21 on the year. But I think this is my week to turn it around? Why? Because if I don’t have hope what do I have?

Auburn v. Arkansas Under 54.5
Things have not gone well for the Razorbacks since myself and most of America jumped on their bandwagon two weeks ago. UGA humbled them, and then they made one of the most on-brand calls going for 2 and the win last week, only to go off-brand by running an awful rollout pass play. Auburn continues to play Auburn football meaning there is little rhyme or reason to anything Bo Nix does. Both these teams run the ball and run it well. Auburn will want to test the Arkansas 3 man front that has been moved around over the last two weeks, and Arkansas only has one move Wompin. The clock will burn and the Under 54.5 will hit in the end.

Texas A&M -10 v. Missouri
The Aggies did the impossible last week beating Bama. I was legit impressed and surprised that Jimbo could orchestrate such a game. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if A&M has a bit of a letdown because last week was their Sugar Bowl, but even with a let down they are two touchdowns better than Mizzu. Texas A&M -10.

Kentucky v. Georgia Under 44.5
Earlier this week a friend asked me, “If I could go back and was a 5-star recruit where would I want to go play?” I immediately said Athens at UGa. Maybe I’m biased being down here by The Hedges, but as a former linemen I’d love to get a chance to play on that line. The Georgia defense is giving up 5.9 ppg!! That’s insane and historic good. Kentucky under Stoops is something I never thought possible fun and good. However, the offense does struggle to string together drives and score points. They only managed 20 against Florida at home. The Wildcat offense is not ready for the onslaught of speed they are going to face on Saturday. UGa’s defense shuts out UK and their offense continues to coast. Under 44.5.

Ole Miss vs. Tennessee Under 82.5
This game opened at 85.5. That’s insane. Tennessee is getting more adapt at running their hyper speed offense and while Ole Miss is always ready to run and gun, they have been slightly more reasonable about it this season. Maybe Lane is getting bored over in Oxford and eyeing South Beach. The Ole Miss defense is better than most think, and outside of the Bama game they have proved capable to hold their own. Either way, 82 is just an insane amount of points, and they are calling for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon in Knoxville so it could be wet, give me the Under 82.5.

Boston College +3 v. NC. State
It’s the ACC and the most ACC thing that can happen is NC State puts on their “we forgot how to play football helmet” and drops a game to a very solid and very consistent Boston College group. I’ll take consistency over the opposite. Boston College +3.

BYU +5 v. Baylor
Last week BYU was riding high and in cruise control for a perfect season and complaining about not making the playoff. Now, it’s just another lost 11-1 season in Provo. The Cougars failed to protect the ball last week turning it over 4 times and they were still able to cut it down to a one score game. That won’t happen again. Baylor is good (maybe) but they’ve benefitted by a bit of luck, and amazing great ball security (no picks on the season). The Bears have an explosive running, but the passing game has not been truly tested. If BYU can force the Bears off schedule they can create a few turnovers and pull the upset. BYU +5.

Virginia v. Duke Under 70
The Cardiac Hoos are back on the field for homecoming this weekend. The Blue Devils have performed up to expectations this season. Sitting at .500 with losses to UNC Charlotte, GT, and UNC. One thing they have done well is score points and move the ball through the air. That could spell trouble for a Cavalier defense that has struggled to stop anyone. That said despite having a high powered offense, the Virginia attack does slow when it reaches the red zone, being more efficient with big strike plays. 70 is a big number for two programs that are solid not great. Take the under 70 and a Virginia win.


Bucking convention taking over 37.5 Wisconsin v Army


Yea… theline is getting hammered dropped 2prs in 2 days. Gonna be tight

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Yea sub 40 I would be your way. Cincy UCF over?

I see it at 56? Id take the over. CINCY for the cover looked good bur crept up to 21ish and that’s a tad too high for me

agree. Fresh on the over there

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Ugg garbage time TD from Auburn dropped me

Cinci got @DFresh11 the cover on their own


Ha. saw that. Now Fresh needs GA to win 22-0

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Well you missed the shutout on uga but I’m setting up to hit my under

NBA is so hard man.

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I’m over BYU. Fooled me twice that’s on me

Down goes Iowa. Had to go do Iowa things

Spencer Rattler is packing his dorm and entering the portal as I type


That’s the biggest upset of the yr crazy

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