Dragon's 2022 College Football Picks Week 6 (Season 3)

5-3-1 Last Week
24-16-1 Overall
@HoozGotNext Locke of the Week 5-1

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I’m dreaming right? Crushing it so far this season and feeling good. Cause the closing on the new Lair is in November and Dragon needs some cash so let’s keep this gravy train rolling and do like Wesley Snipes told us; “Spend your money, can’t tax what’s already gone…”

LSU +2.5 vs. Tennessee Under 65
I don’t know why I’m picking this game. I hate Brian Kelly but the spot sets up too nicely for the Bayou Tigers. The Vols are in the midst of a great run, but a midday kickoff in Death Valley is a tough spot. Here’s a few facts to throw at you: LSU is 3-0 ATS at home this season (they haven’t left Louisiana all yet), the Tigers are also 3-1 ATS when playing top ten teams the past two seasons. Last, the Vols are -3 ATS in their last three conference games. I hate Brian Kelly but at least if he wins I should win some money.
LSU +2.5, Under 65

Utah -3.5 vs. UCLA
I don’t trust Chip Kelly as a football coach, he’s never been more than another Mike Leach styled gimmick machine if you ask me. Utah, has dominated Chip Kelly’s UCLA teams to the tune of a combined 134-37 margin. After that trip up in the opener against Florida the Utes have embraced their rugged ways. They are carrying some injuries would may hurt the offensive balance in this one. But 3.5 should be manageable.
Utah -3.5

Purdue vs. Maryland Over 59
I don’t like Purdue I can’t stand Maryland but I do like both teams QB’s they throw TD’s. Maryland gets off just enough offense against a revamped Purdue defense to make this a competitive contest.
Over 59

Ohio State -27 vs. Michigan State
It did not take long for things to go back in Lansing for Mel Tucker. Probably what happens when you attempt to run a football program based on transfers. Maybe he can take his old job back at Colorado after the season? The Buckeyes averaged 54 ppg. against MSU since Tucker took over. This is the largest spread of the series, but I actually feel safe about it. Two programs heading in different directions.
Ohio State -27

Auburn +28 vs. Georgia
UGa survived a scare on the road last week. It felt like they slept walked through the first 3.5 quarters of that game and showed up for the final 8 mins. Returning home between the hedges and a friendly crowd will be welcomed. But I fear this is the part of the season where the Georgia offense just kind of mellows out. UGa is 0-5 ATS in their last five home games as a favorite. Auburn will put up a fight but this will be a plotting SEC game where UGa never really sweats it out, but struggles to cover such a big number.
Auburn +28.5

Vandy vs. Ole Miss Under 61
Many myself included think of Ole Miss as an offensive juggernaut, and they are, but Vegas has hard a hard time tracking them on the line. 1 of their last 8 SEC games have hit the over. I’m also banking on a reliable bend-don’t break Rebels defense to keep the Commodores offense in check.
Under 61

Arizona +13.5vs. Oregon
Pac 12 after dark games hold a special place in my heart. A last chance effort to salvage or bad day, or perhaps they are the nail in the coffin to put you out of your misery. Typically by then I’m down to the sh%t beer in the fridge, or celebrating with some bourbon. Either way it’s a party. Anyways, I feel like anytime I stay up for a night game in Tucson something strange happens, I think it gets even stranger when the Ducks come to town. This is a long trip for Oregon to head south and they may be looking ahead to a date with Washington St. Also the Wildcats have already passed last year’s win total so things are looking up.
Arizona +13.5

Oregon St. -5.4 vs. Stanford:
Stanford is bad, like really bad as in they’ve lost 10 straight to FBS opponents. They haven’t covered a game all season. Things went south quickly for David Shaw, and traditionally a game with the Beavers would be a chance to reset, but that’s not the case.
Oregon St. -5.5

Virginia +3 vs. Louisville
I dunno… hopefully no one gets hurt and we can move one step closer to wrapping up this season. Also I like the under 50.5


I feel confident the team will get one step closer to ending the season with this game, if nothing else.


If that’s true and I’m Satterfield, I tank the game and tell them to fire me in the presser and collect every penny of the severance. That’s total disrespect to a coach and all the work he did for that program. He deserves better.


Press conference begins

“I will now begin with my airing of grievances and a few behind-the-scenes notes about how Louisville has been recruiting players for the past several yea-“

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Dang, how many Louisville coaches can we get fired this year?


That’s scary. You and I usually have different takes on games, but I like all your picks this week except for LSU. Tennessee is happy to not be playing a night game at Death Valley, and they are a confident team with a confident QB. I’m continuing to ride with them.

Pick of the week is Oregon State. The Beavs have been a solid pick the last couple of years, and Stanford, as you say, is 0-10 ATS in their last 10.

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Ha welcome to the dark side.

I agree on all your points about the Vols. This is one where I’m following the numbers and not my gut. The small line makes me think something is up and it was flat all week.

Made it to Charlottesville
Man it has changed a ton
Had lunch at Ralph’s with an ole friend.
Ran into Barry Parkhill and chatted with him a bit he was waiting on Dave Twardzick, who he played in the aba together.
Looking forward to the game tomorrow
I’m picking the Hoos, will make it down to the sidelines pre game!!!


Tremendous my man. Tell em all Fresh said whats up and Wahoo fing Wa!


I think someone should send this to Satterfield. He needs to be at least as well prepared as Al Groh was.


That’s the one


That’s my favorite of the week. The Oregon st line is a close second. If you can buy it down a point then I’m all in.

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Fresh is on Rutgers. Mistake?

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+3 right? I can’t believe I’m saying this but Iike a Rutgers play maybe the under believe its 55ish

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Yes. Thats what my boy said

Malik Cunningham out for the Cards today. Hoos gotta get a win

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Hopefully not a David Rivers situation, in reverse

Let’s ask the guy who makes millions and owns ranches about the dangers of Luxury. LMAO