Dragon's College Football Picks Week 12

After getting my butt taken to the cleaners last week going 2-3, I am sheepishly poking my head back out of my hole and attempting to get back on the horse. Why? Because you miss 100% of the shots you never take, and Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.


Cincinnati vs. UCF OVER 65.5: As much as it pains me to admit the Bearcats have been my golden ticket so far this season, give me two covers and an over in the last three weeks. You better believe I’m going to the well one more time before it runs dry. I don’t like the spread on this one as I think UC is due for a let down, but I believe if they do falter it will be as part of a back and forth affair with another team (UCF) that’s more than capable of keeping pace. Total over 65.5

Oklahoma -7 vs. Oklahoma State: This has to go down as the quietest Bedlam ever. The Sooners have underachieved, and while the Cowboys have been good, they lack the star power (sorry Chubba) and the national storyline after suffering a loss to Texas. The Sooners have looked awful in places this season, but their offense always seems to travel. It’s also been firing on all cylinders the last three games scoring over 40 points per. They are in Norman, which doesn’t mean as much in the crowd restricted COVID era, but it’s enough to get them over the hump. Sooners -7.

Kentucky +33.5 vs. Bama: When I first started picking games I made a living feasting on covers from massive road dogs. I have not been as bullish with those picks this season, but this seems like a prime spot to return to that philosophy. Bama is likely looking ahead to Auburn and the Iron Bowl next week. That game is always marked on their schedule and this year will be no different with them eyeing another run at the CFP. Kentucky has a solid defense but no offense of note. Look for the Crimson Tide to put this one out of reach early, and as the players begin to lose interest, Saban will take his foot off the gas allowing for a smooth backdoor cover. Kentucky +33.5

Wisconsin -7.5 v. Northwestern: The BIG bludgeoned me last leaving me 0-3. One of those teams costing me some cash was Northwestern. So as part of my revenge tour, I’m picking against them here. The Badgers have had trouble getting on the field thanks to COVID. When they have played football they’ve looked very good. Northwestern is about as soft of a 4-0 team as you’ll find, with wins against underwhelming BIG teams. It’s time for them to be put into their place. Wisconsin -7.5


Good rundown… but unacceptable as I was promised a 10-game parlay winner. :-1:

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Oh man tough crowd but just for you here we go

Cinci vs. UCF Over 65.5
Clemson -35 v. FSU
Liberty +5.5 vs. NC State
OU vs. OSU over 60.5
Illinois +17 vs. Nebraksa
Psu +2.5 v Iowa
UofF -31.5 v Vandy
Abitene Christian +40.5 vs Hoos
Boise -14 vs Hawaii
Ga Southern +3 vs Army


Woohoo! I’ll double like if it hits. :wink:

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You probably remember this, but if you don’t, you can bet using the Red Button on your Sky remote without leaving your couch. :smiley: I just put a €5 parlay for above on my TV through SkyBet… Payout is €3210.41. If I win you can DM me your address and I’ll ship you an Advent Beer Calendar. :wink:

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Hah I forgot about that nifty feature. Well played on placing a little wager.

Welpdsu clemson off there goes that parlay

Parlay bets don’t work like that… it just defaults to a 9 Parlay now… it’s already updated. Payout will be €1679.26 now if I win.

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I like ACU and the under with all those points. Tell me how dumb is that @BDragon @jazznutUVA

Roger that wasnt sure how they were handling that.

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Over is 60 or 69. I believe. I actually like the under.

To be fair… I agree with you @DFresh11

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Now i just need to find someone smart enough to take the other side!


That’s a lot of points from a Virginia team tha i believe the high is 45 is under Bronco. And I don’t take him as the run it up type

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Damn, can’t find the line on my overseas site. Would love to take ACU here with that spread.

@BDragon I liked Purdue last week as well. Liked Wisconsin even more against Michigan. Made the mistake of pairing that bet.

I’m in big this week on the Badgers. Bought a half point as some insurance.

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Just saw this. Love that call wis all though it seems a little sketch now