Exam Break Recruiting

Hasn’t he not played the highest level of AAU yet though? Thought maybe HGN said he was only playing like under 16s or something, but not totally sure.

Either way, would love to get him in 2022.

I have no idea. was working from home this week so watched him and Flawless play in the U17 thing for Jamaica. He looked bored but played well


I hear ya man. I’m the same way just trying to remain positive given recent success on the trail and what HGN is telling us


Yeah I tried to watch some of those games. They were…. not good. And agree he looked bored. Seemed to mostly be standing around on defense waiting to get the ball and a chance to score. Wasn’t super exciting, but I’ve also watched some of his Norcross games and he’s much more engaged there.

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Makes sense

With Norcross he has also been straight up outplaying 2022 top 100 kids. He needs some muscle but I think he is more prepared for college ball than 3 months ago.


What’s driving Clark to be leaning towards staying? What does another year do for his future in the game? Does he want a Master’s degree? Have an underclassmen girlfriend? I know you likely don’t have the answer but just wondering out loud.

Kihei is interested in master’s program. But I think the why is simple. College life is pretty good for him. I hate the extra year rule but I don’t blame anybody for wanting to stay. Another year of playing in packed ACC arenas on national tv or obscurity in the Lithuanian B league?


If it comes down to having to choose Beekman vs Clark on the 22 roster that is an easy decision to almost anyone except CTB. Beekman stuffs the stat sheet except for scoring column.

If KC wants to play next year, it better be somewhere else.


Beekman has been an incredibly inefficient player in his first year and a half. And that’s with plenty of opportunity. He’s just not a real good offensive player right now, especially against better competition,and nowhere near a top level ACC player, at least on offense.

Agree on his offense but he still fills the stat sheet with assists rebounds and steals.


Reece’s impact isn’t his ability, or lack of, to hit an open 3. It’s the runs we always go on when Reece is the only pg on the floor for heavy minutes. He’s someone who moves the ball better and makes everyone better.

The debate isn’t whether Kihei is a better scorer than Reece. It’s are we a better team with Kihei having the ball in his hands for 2/3 of our offensive possession even with his “scoring prowess” or do we have a higher ceiling with Reece at the 1 and a shooting guard like Taine at the 2 who doesn’t need the ball in their hands much to be effective.

It’s like Purdue (again an example that I really like). Trevion Williams is playing at an All American level and is their leader and yet he comes off the bench because he doesn’t fit well in the starting line up with either of their young bigs. He realizes that the starting line up plays better without him and then he can come in and dominate like he does. Trevion Williams is better individually than Caleb Furst and Zach Edey, but Zach Edey and Caleb Furst as a pair to begin games is where their ceiling lies.

Of course Taine or Carson aren’t playing the defense needs to supplant playing time so it is what it is. But agree that if you’ve played 4 years at UVA you need to move on. Jayden can come back since it’s only his first year here.


If I was Beeks, I would want an answer on Clark before second semester…he could transfer before then and get PT next semester

I would seriously hope nobody would transfer mid-season. And most good landing spots aren’t just going to integrate a new guy who hasn’t practiced or played with them mid-season either. I don’t think that’s on the list of things to worry about right now.


You can transfer mid season but you can’t play for two teams in the same year. That’s probably the one perk of the one time waiver rule, removes any incentive to leave mid season.


I know we all love Clark but him returning just inhibits Beekmans growth and Reece has a lot invested at UVA currently. What more does Kihei need to do or prove at UVA. I like the little guy but I like the future of Beekman more.

Obviously it just doesn’t make sense to lose 2 - 3 years of Reece for one more year of Kihei.


Looks like Auburn is going to go 0-4 on the 5 star Atlanta guards (glanced their board on on3. They are saying Kanaan Carlyle to Baylor or Stanford, London Johnson to UVA, Isaiah Collier towards Bama, and Stephon Castle to UConn already committed).

Also a connected poster from South Carolina commented on 247 GG Jackson thread saying it was Tony who canceled GG’s visit last second. Maybe have him come to a game where Igor is more established to show him a current example of how he would be used? lol


Wait til London is on board and visit together?

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Anyone have any idea about the significance on London’s disappearing tweet?