Few recruiting notes

We’re planning a lot of recruiting content on the blog this week. @JoeBoxley lays out the dream class 2022 scenario, probably later tonight. @brogdonfanpage talked to UVA commit Isaac McKneely about his efforts to recruit classmates, coming tomorrow. And then I’m doing sort of overview of what to expect during this Spring’s late cycle madness.

It’s been reiterated recently that UVA expects to be hit with outgoing transfers, possibly hard. We anticipate a very wild late recruiting cycle, coming and going. Hopefully our young core will stay in place and it won’t be like that. But they’re certainly preparing for the fallout

They’re on the look out ideally for a veteran big man. And are in the market for guard help too. It could turn out to be more than that depending what we lose. There’s not any serious interest in players already available as far as I know.

UVA folks still seem to believe Duke is the most likely landing spot for Trevor Keels, or at least that’s what they’re telling people. It always comes with the stipulation of, “no one really knows”. The lack of production of current guards has given rising hope though. It’s not how we’d like to be in the race, and I’m not personally all that hopeful, but there’s still a real chance there.

They’re in better position for 2022 point guard Austin Nunez than outsiders realize. Seems like a two team race with Texas and it’s probably close to even odds right now. A lot of talk about his relationship with Shaka Smart but it’s not all sunshine. The last two players Lupe Nunez sent there transferred this year. They’re studying UVA closely. I don’t know if it’ll last long enough for visits to happen. Although it could be a positive sign for UVA if he holds off until June to visit. That was a topic of their last Zoom call. They wanted to learn more about Charlottesville.

A big man is on the 2022 agenda, but that seems to be at least on hold until they get through the late cycle. It’s possible something comes up, and plans are altered. Dereck Lively from Westtown (PA) is probably the one guy that’s essentially earned an offer. Whether that ever actually gets handed out will depend on late cycle results and if they believe there’s a good enough chance at getting him. More than anything, that’s telling of the type of player they’ll be after. Athleticism and rim protection at a premium, preferably with center size.

There’s been lots of relcass talk about current 2022 targets. Probably nothing for us to pay attention to right now. Maliq Brown could enroll next year, but they don’t seem to be ready to pounce on him yet. He still has some things to prove and size could be an issue too. Justin Taylor could move up. He’s talking about a summer decision now which opens that window. Barring some real Spring catastrophe, I don’t expect to be a factor in his decision. I wouldn’t completely write off recently offered Bobi Klintman moving up, but it’s not in his plans right now.




With Trevor and Duke, Do you think DJ Steward going or staying will play a big role in Trevor’s decision? Also, if we go after Maliq Brown would UVA consider him a “big man” or would they want to pair him with more of a true 5 like Lively?

All the rosters will factor in with Keels. Steward leaving would be a big boost to Duke for sure. I don’t follow the latest draft buzz that closely, but would think he’s likely to stay put.

They want a big man to pair with Traudt. Not that he’s any sort of certainty but that’s always how TB operates when he locks in like this. Makes Brown a tough call. Where you get into what’s ideal and what might be acceptable later. He’s a big man in the same way Wilkins or Atkins were, possible small-ball 5.

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If we are laying odds on the most likely to transfer out, who you got?

Casey or Jabri. Almost certainly will lose one of the two, hopefully not both. Hate it but is what it is. Weird thing is I don’t think there’s one guy you can point to and say with any confidence they’ll transfer but there are just so many that will probably consider it that I understand the worry that it could get ugly.


This is the VIP I’ve been looking for :star:


Those two and Justin would have been my guess. Hope they all stay but can certainly understand the frustration of each.

Hate to hear that. Both could still be amazing. I would hope Shareef would give Tony at least one more year.

I know there were rumors of Casey considering transferring out over the summer. Probably still determining whether he is devon hall or Marial Shayok.


If it is one of the two, I hope it is not Jabri. I really think he can be a huge part of our team’s success moving forward especially after an offseason with Curtis. (Casey as well) I think a change of scenery for Casey could be good though, and a place where he might get a little more freedom/ a team that runs a little more.


That really bums me out. You’d rhink he/they wouldn’t want to start form scratch somewhere else especially with all the potential PT we should have available. I mean let’s be honest he might be the only projected ‘bucket getter’ outside of Trey on the roster next year.

In addition I know that they’ll be a large transfer pool but given all that comes with transferring to UVA and how picky Tony is, is it possible we have a hard time backfilling with transfers if we are hit hard with outgoing.

@HoozGotNext Westtown like Jalen Warley?


If we do lose 2-3 transfers, I wouldn’t mind backlogging those with DeMarr Langford, Walker Kessler, and Aidan Igiehon from Louisville. Would be weird to take 2-3 transfers from other ACC schools but they would all be good fits. DeMarr being a taller more athletic Casey, Aidan being the perfect glue guy 4 with potential down the line, and Walker Kessler as that next huff-like 5 but more polished and more aggressive inside.

For this year I wish McKoy would get more run at the 4, and we bring in murphy for Hauser off the bench so they can run the same plays and get murphy more looks that way. Also McKoy can stretch the floor and do more than he’s been asked of.

A jabri transfer would make no sense to me. Prior to coming to UVA both he and his dad talked about focusing on the long term. He also would likely step into a good amount of minutes next year. Casey I can definitely understand, his performance at UVA up to this point has been mind boggling. I’m sure he’s going to be a fine player but his offensive repertoire is pretty rough. Subpar ball handler and shooter who’s only real move seems to be a fadeaway mid range. It’s crazy this is the same guy that won player of the year in one of the best high school leagues in the country. I figure Kody, Justin and maybe Papi will also look pretty hard at leaving.

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Whenever they cut to the bench, it seems like Jabri looks like the least interested/engaged player. Any one else notice that? Hopefully, doesn’t mean anything as I really hope he stays. Casey, too. On the flip side, Marco was the most engaged/energetic dude on the bench during the championship run and then transferred. So who knows…


Where did all the talk about Jabri’s family being ok with a redshirt come from? I keep hearing that get tossed around but I don’t remember ever hearing anything like that before he got on grounds.

I assume that the issue with Jabri is that he was expecting to play a lot more and on top of that saw us take a guy in Trey Murphy who could be seen as taking his spot on the floor.

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Have been noticing the same yes

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Personally am not sure why so many people think Jabri should have gotten more run. I havent seen it when hes been on the court which I know has been rare so not fair to make judgement based on that. Also seems like red shirting woulda been ideal for him coming off HS injury etc. Especially the way this season has been. I have no idea if he stays or transfers but his disinterest during games is very obvious.