Five Takeaways from the Pitt win

Typed up five quick takeaways before looking ahead to Georgia Tech:


Why do you say the game against UNC is likely to be postponed? Couldn’t the league just make the Heels sit the players from the video and test everyone else each day this week? Or has UNC had actual positives?

Oh yea idk that’s just my guess but could very well still happen. I thought they released a statement saying most of the team was there… we’ll see what happens.

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Gotcha. Well I hope we don’t get cancelled on with all negative tests.

@brogdonfanpage I noticed you said the Pitt game was the first time we had trouble with the press on your write-up as well as the pre-game. Didn’t we have a big problem with the Syracuse press first?

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Yea they had issues against SU but that was also in a 23-point win that never felt in doubt after the 13 min mark in the second half. They didn’t let Cuse back in the game whereas Pitt pulled out a 21-11 run in the last 7 mins and made it a game off of the press.