Five Takeaways from UVA’s Win Over Miami

Coming off a three game losing streak, the Wahoos came out on top of Miami on Monday night. After taking a few days to collect my thoughts, I’ve got five key takeaways for UVA moving forward:


Good read as always, Zach. The key point for me is something you mentioned: We don’t really know what the coaching staff has planned to deal with a switch-everything defense that we can expect to see in postseason play, since Miami doesn’t play that way. I don’t know if Louisville does either, but if they do, hopefully we can see what tweaks the staff has, as I think it’s clear that the solution isn’t just running their base offenses as is.


Pardon my general lack of knowledge of specific strategy, but what is the standard response from good teams to punish teams that switch everything defense? Is it to accept that you’re in one-on-one situations and exploit mismatches hard (eg Huff shooting over a smaller guy that’s switched on to him) or like swing the ball very fast to make the switches harder at speed and wait for a breakdown?

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I like the swing method. Seems most teams and players dribble it out. You gotta attack the switch immediately to exploit or swing it is my opinion