Florida State at UVA thread

Lotta nerves out there.

Time for Franklin now after that trash pass

Kody is gonna have a Tobey like senior day. He’s scoring 20.

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Exactly! Maybe he can play like Papi has asa starter and Armaan can be the heater off the bench like Kadin? Maybe too little too late?

Uh no

Those of us awaiting the broadcast, Kody’s three.

Oh yeah, my bad. What was I thinking. I hope he has a shitty game for senior day.

If you’re waiting for the stream check ESPNNews. I found it on the ESPN app on ESPN news, labeled as some x-games re-run lol.

He’s a liability on offense. Franklin must be injured.

correction: Franklin in now, promptly bricks a 3

Butler at 7-1 guarding armaan. Adding him to my transfer portal wish list. Also his brother is a 2023 lanky forward on our radar.

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Still nerves. If even an average offensive performance wo are up double digits

How does a game run over by 30 minutes in regulation? Sheesh. DVR technology can’t keep up. Hate to lose the first few minutes forever to the void.

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6-13 and they’re already in on the “a 7 point Va lead feels like…”


Kinda diggin’ Reece’s!! kicks

Playing poorly. Sucks Kiehi can’t get it going. Wanted him to ball out tonight. Missed several wide open 3s and a easy floater

Kadin please hedge at 85%.


Air Gardner

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Gardner with those reverse layups. All day, all day.


Man, being tied with UVA feels like being up 12 on anybody else


FSU with anonymous 7-footers on the bench who shoot 3s better than our guards. Tough test from their JV squad so far.

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