Foresthoo Transfer Target Update Thread - Guards

Working to get over the day’s news by distraction, so yes I started a redundant thread. We’ll use this one for updates on KNOWN targets, not every pie in the sky guy the enters the portal. Only doing guards as the info on bigs has been really limited.

In no particular order:

Nigel Pack KSU - will be one of, if not the top guard in the portal. Seems to have several UVA connections, but long long line of suitors and seemingly set on playing pg puts my expectations pretty low. We DO play two pgs and HGN says the interest is mutual so I’ll hold onto the dream until told otherwise

Aidrian Delph App St - Interesting. Not yet in the portal and has declared for the draft. HGN has teased him several times and JWilly follows him. Pure bucket getter. At 6’3 would keep our lineup small but would imd make us better. Nothing on any 247 boards about him I could find. My top choice at the moment. Also candidate for the possible mystery visitor

Sean McNeil WVU - good shooter with solid handle, would fill imd need and be a great bridge for McNeely. Limited info out there since his announcement which I’d think is a good UVA sign. Seems like a good fit for what each is looking for. Recruited previously. My leader in the clubhouse for who we end up with

Dontaie Allen UK - highly ranked recruit that came in with rep as a shooter. Big guard. Didn’t show that early in the year when given opportunity and had issues on D. Not much PT as year went on, still high ceiling. HGN tells us we have some relationships with him. Info on him hard to come by since entering portal as well. Candidate #2 for mystery visitor

Will Richards Belmont - another big guard that had a solid freshman year. One of my early favorites but after early contact report nothing on us listed. Has visit set with UF. Ship probably already sailed

We know there is more contact that hasn’t been reported and we haven’t been connected to anyone new in the past few days, so hopefully more comes out soon or more movement with those listed above.

Will use this thread for updates (247 sites, social media, etc) on the guys listed above and any new guards we are linked with in the coming days


Ali Ali

More forward than guard and no information after initial contact

Missed that. My apologies

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Guess we should add Brandon Murray but he seems destined to stay in SEC imo

" With Kihei Clark set to pursue professional opportunities, Murray could form a 3-headed monster with Franklin and Beekman."

LMAO just kill me (sorry for the clutter post)


He’s not wrong with KC coming off the bench…lol


@HoozGotNext just read over your Facebook q&a.

You don’t really seem that optimistic on landing a decent transfer and I certainly understand why, but you seem to insinuate a front court player is more likely than a guard. So my question is why are 75% of the contacts we see being reported to guards? I’d say that’s a tell that KC is leaving but we know where that seems to be going. Do you think the options at 4 are just thin right now or we’re reaaaaaaally trying to keep who we are going after quiet?


Oh they definitely plan on trying for both. But if you look at the most recent activity it’s the Akron forward and Reneau. That’s from after they knew Igor was gone.


I don’t know how things will go but Ali is the perfect match for what they need.


Generic portal update from Bossi. No UVA mention with Pack or McNeil. Gonna lose my mind if we have to rely on Franklin and a few mins of McNeely as our only shooting threats

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Picked up gardener on the 13th of April and Franklin on the 15th. Still early and nothing is happening until after the final four. The McNeil story itself was barely anything imo


Great perspective on the dates.

Keels, Roach, Williams, Bacot…


HGN Is there a chance, albeit small, Milicic could pull his name from the portal? Heard something today so I wasn’t sure.

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Slater and McCormick earlier too

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From Mikey ?

No, heard it from someone not on a message board.


Excellent !

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From what I heard, I’d say chances are minimal though. And I’ll be honest, if UVa can upgrade with a kid like Ali, I’m good.