Foresthoo Transfer Target Update Thread - Guards

No I don’t think Milicic will be back


Thanks, that wraps it for me. I was just curious. Person I heard it from usually has some good nuggets of info but it seemed iffy to me.

Thanks again!

Is Taine Murray not an option? And is Dunn being redshirted a foregone conclusion? That said, I like those options better than the 2021 team with Murray also learning the defense.

Beefing up the forward positions would go a long way toward providing better scoring balance. Reneau and Ali would provide a lot of points. Can’t believe we could get both however, but I can see the mutual interest.

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They want this transfer guard to be a secondary ball handler as well as provide shooting at the 2. Staff didn’t trust Taine to play anything than small ball 4 because his handles are still developing for this level of play. Would take a monumental amount of improvement for Taine to become that secondary ball handler.

Sorry to keep laying on the cynicism here but Tony welcoming Kihei back all but indicated this is exactly what we’ll do. There’s a 99% chance we run back the exact same starting lineup so I’m not sure what transfer sees that and will want to sign up.

At least our bench will be a lot more exciting

The words “foregone conclusion” and “Ryan Dunn” don’t belong in the same sentence without a “Not”. :joy: His range of outcomes is an even distribution between “Ralph who?” and “made us pine for Kody.”

But seriously, I’m sure a RS is on the table, but until they see all these guys in practice together, nothing is a foregone conclusion, and any “priors” should be taken with a grain of salt. Fwiw, I think Dunn’s height, length, and athleticism make him an intriguing option to defend rangy ACC wings.


My crazy take is that I think Dunn will be either 1st or 2nd in minutes played by the first years next year.

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Maybe not crazy, but certainly bold…

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Sorry, I will call it crazy. There’s literally no indication that will be the case. None.

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Correct - also correct for all 4 of them. We have no indication of who will emerge from that group. None.

My point is this: that Isaac M. will be clearly the best incoming frosh has become UVa internet fan consensus, but I think once that consensus starts, it just sort of snowballs. The 4 of them are all fairly closely bunched in the rating services…

I’m never sure what the latest/greatest service or aggregate is, but they range from #43 (Traudt) to #75 (Dunn) in On3’s aggregate, fwiw.

I’ve mostly picked Dunn as the one I root for because I’m a contrarian and few others seemed to pick him back in the fall… (that and he’s got the prototypical modern guard/wing measurables and some intriguing skills)


Dunn redshirting isn’t forgone at all. And unless they add at least 2 players, I doubt he will. There’s a difference between being willing to roster plan with that scenario and actually doing it.

Taine is expected to compete for playing time for sure. Assuming Kihei stays, their pool of guard transfers shrinks dramatically. High end guys who don’t care, and low end happy to be here depth would be the realistic targets. And if they were to get the right combo forward, I expect they’d stop there.


Man it’s just crazy that we don’t know about Kihei yet.


My guess is we know just WE dont


Two? Two more guards? In addition to those returning? Interesting. Only fielded 3 the entire year in 2021 and they all may return. No disrespect to McCorkle, of course. And it should be expected that Murray gets time as you mentioned he’s close.

I don’t know about that especially in light of guys continuing to depart due to lack of playing time. Bad news for McKneely and Dunn in that case.

Two more players: a forward and a guard. If it’s a combo forward like Ali Ali who fits both maybe only one


Seeing nothing out there on any of these guys this weekend or Ali Ali. Kinda wild if last year is any indication (see above Gardner and Franklin commited on April 13 and 15) we’ll have a new Hoo in the next few weeks and my guess is we’ve yet to see his name…

Not a lot of names out there from verbal commits today. Think you’ll see another influx after Monday

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It’s not. Was in the middle of the long dead period. Transfers didn’t wait to take visits.

Quick twitter search for the pre covid transfers

Sam Hauser May 28th
Tomas Woldetensae May 8th
Braxton Key May 6th
Nigel Johnson April 8th
Darius Thompson May 21st


Ah, Roger that, so by a few weeks I mean 6


Late April is more normal. UVA for whatever reason has had a recent history of late transfer commits. I left out Nichols who came in July.