HGN… If the Blake Buchanan thing doesn’t work out

@HoozGotNext and he indeed picks the Zags, who are the (other) top 3 bigs on our board currently?

Personally who are the top 3/4 bigs in the ‘23 class we have a legit shot at, as of today?

And how would you personally rate each big remaining on the top of the board? Thanks man!

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There are only players to evaluate in July, no board, no order. How it always is with Bennett. Chances are if they don’t get Buchanan it’ll be either be someone we’ve never heard of who emerges in July (think Ryan Dunn, Kadin Shedrick, etc) or they’ll pass until 2024. It’s the least urgent spot they’re recruiting for.

They’re looking at Michael Nwoko from NC, someone will be down there on Sunday. Carpenter was spotted at Jayden Hasting’s game yesterday in GA, another developmental big from FL. They’re not going to offer anyone scholarships until Bennett has a look in July.


Thanks my man!

So you don’t get the impression we will make a panic offer to a big, just because…and just wait until the ‘24 class for a better prospect to emerge?


No I don’t think so. Never until you see what comes in July. And with big men, if you take one you’re more or less passing on one in 2024 so it has to be worth it.


Interesting they don’t see a big as a pressing need. To me that seems like a huge need unless they are planning on Kadin staying for his extra covid year.


With how many bigs are readily available in the transfer portal now I can see why a developmental prospect would maybe be less of a priority.


Don’t overlook the portal…


Isn’t the portal a risky proposition for true bigs and fitting our defensive system?


I would agree. Additionally, I have a suspicion that “bigs” in the portal are looking for immediate playing time. Otherwise, they might not be in the portal. I kinda believe that Vander Plas is a bit of an exception. I think a true frosh is a much better choice.

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Bigs in the portal go to the highest bidder. Maybe you get a former top 75 kid who has no stats/barely played but still high potential as an intermediate developmental player

Very much is. But it’s also a risk taking a developmental big and hoping he’s ok with waiting his turn while also being able to transfer somewhere else with no restrictions and get immediate playing time. You could make the argument that instead we should go for big men out of HS that will be ready day one defensively, but there’s not too many out there for us to choose from.

STAB ended up beating PVI

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I don’t think that the individual risk of being able to get someone you want through the portal is significantly higher than traditional means…but 1 year rentals don’t work for us…if we whiff on ‘23 keeping in mind that we slow cook our bigs…we would be looking for someone that has 3 years left…like Gill…when you think about our requirements for bigs: length…need to Be “continuous” on D…can high hedge or go with the roller and rim protect… those types are always hard to find through traditional recruiting or the portal…but the portal is still an option if we miss on BB and don’t find anyone else in July…