Hoos Playing Overseas '22 - '23

Baylor was also the best 3 point shooting team in the country

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Yea they were 22nd in defense and 2nd in offense. Pretty good example for offense winning in March tbh

KG doing KG things…as a football fan too I hope we don’t see 27 punts mentioned with UVA again.


27 punts… Kyle must have learned a few things from Nash Griffin


That smooooooth jumper and release though


cool interview. He looks and sounds comfortable over there


When did he get the tattoo of a goateed Mr. Bill on his elbow?

Oh Noooooo!


It was partially guaranteed, so he still probably came away with a couple hundred grand for his trouble.

I think the NBA’s looking for role players and specialists to call up from the G League. Guys who can fill up a stat sheet in the minors aren’t going to be asked to do the same thing in the NBA, so what are they showing behind those numbers? If it’s the ability to dominate younger, smaller, weaker, less athletic or less talented competition, who cares?


I agree w/r/t guys at Justin’s experience level, but it’s meaningful for some of the younger guys just there on a stint. But yeah, I basically agree that for Justin, it doesn’t show he has a clear role on an NBA team, it just shows he’s a really good player who’s (probably at this point) below NBA caliber.


As Cory A told GLeague guys back in the day: The NBA has guys that do that (score in bunches) so you need to work on other things

You nailed it and it is not something that was obvious to me before


Love all this. @4547Lambeth articulated what I was thinking. @haney dropping hard truths and of course @DFresh11 with some wisdom from Cory.

For me 2 things stand out with the GLeague to NBA stuff.

1 is as y’all said guys who stick in the League do something special at a very high level, but not only that they are glue guys. So yea maybe you shoot the 3 at 45% but you also know how to fit into your role of getting 6 mins a game and aren’t a liability on D, or maybe you can initiate the offense and then find your spot. Or you’re a specialist defender of some type.

2 I do believe there is a shelf life to all of it as well. A 20 year specialist with the potential of growth is likely more appealing than a 27 yr who is at or near their potential. Because at the end of the day every year 15 or 20 more kids enter the G league that are younger and have a longer runway than you.


Also, I get dizzy when I start thinking about NBA salary rules, but Justin is relatively more expensive and less worth the gamble at his years of experience.

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Great point and that may be the kicker right there. If you got to sign a guy to a vet minimum or whatever JA qualifies as now vs. a 2way deal or a standard minimum that’s going to make a difference. This is where the business of sport is brutal.

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I think the CBA tries to equalize that by counting only the 3rd year vet minimum against the cap. Amounts above that are paid by the league or the union or something and don’t count against the cap. No way the Players Association was going to make it harder for their membership to get jobs in favor of rookies or guys who were not members at the time the CBA was signed.


Preseason tournament where all the Catalonia-based Liga ACB teams play each other; KG’s team beat a team who finished 7th in the league last year. They potentially play Barcelona next, if Barcelona beats Girona today. That would be a good measuring stick for KG.


Guy v. Tobey


Kyle Guy gonna be a full blown star over there. Euro hoops dont care about your D when you put 27 up on somebody and have crowds going wild


I’m sure this has been covered already but is KG in the top league in Spain?

Yes. Top league in Spain, and then they play in the EuroCup, which is the 2nd-tier Europe-wide tournament (EuroLeague is top-tier).