Hooz ranting.....Rankings update version

ESPN updated the 2020 and 2021 classes. 247Sports updated their in-house rankings for 2020.

Anyone that’s followed me knows how I feel about these media rankings. I have total respect for the people that put them together. But at the same time, I believe they’re sort of a sham. It’s just an impossible task considering how understaffed they all are, and their other responsibilities… Even most high major recruits only get seen once or twice, maybe not even for a full game. Like any other industry, group-think tends to dominate. Perceptions are hard to change once established. In the end, hype and offers move the needle more than anything. The rankers first concern is covering his own behind.

On the class of 2020 UVA commits.

Jabri Abdur-Rahim moved down a couple spots by ESPN to #30 and up a few on 247 to #49. I think this just comes down to when they happened to see him. Jabri played on one of the worst teams on the EYBL. He had to carry the load, which he did averaging 25ppg. When he really had it working there were three 40+ point games. But there were also 2-15 and 9-28 shooting performances in there. His team didn’t quality for Peach Jam. That would have been a great opportunity for him to shine in a highly competitive setting that he thrives on. It wouldn’t surprise me if his high school season moves Jabri up into 5-star McDonald’s All-American consideration. He belongs there.

Reece Beekman moved up to #40 on ESPN and #56 on 247. He played on a stacked team with three 5-star rated players. I’ve said it before, Reece is an acquired taste. You need to watch him a few times to really appreciate all the little things he does. Playing with that all that talent gave him the necessary exposure for scouts to notice. His better than 6-1 assist/turnover ratio in the EYBL is just insane. Paul Biancardi of ESPN was high on Reece from the start. I think all the services have him ranked fairly.

Carson McCorkle moved up to #128 on 247, and while left out of the ESPN100, he has the same grade as players 91-100. These rankings for him are laughable to be perfectly honest. It’s all about exposure and circumstances. He was snubbed from Top 100 camp. That robbed him of a big opportunity to be seen against the best. His only other real chance this summer to change perceptions came by making a deep run at the Adidas Championships. He played banged up that week and by the weekend he didn’t have much left. He toughed it out, but wasn’t his normal self and didn’t even play his usual minutes. Unfortunately, those few games were the most watched by national scouts. I’m pretty sure it was the only time one major service had ever seen him play.


We need a kenpom for recruiting


an earlier discussion , just how would you formulate the equation on how good a staff recruited, and would classroom success or community involvement enter the conversation?

Oh I don’t think there is any way to assign a numerical value. Just leaving it on the court without taking program fit into account, there are so many different ways to look at it…are we talking the recruits immediate value to a college program? 5 years out? Should we weight how many years we expect them to stay before entering the draft? PrepHoops probably has the best model with a large group of regional scouts all contributing. At least they’re familiar with all the players Their problem is they have so much staff turnover that not all states are properly covered.

What impact do you think the performance of Jabri and Reece at the top 100 Camp in Charlottesville had (or will have, for those scouts who haven’t updated their rankings this summer yet) on their rankings? I’ve watched Jabri’s highlights from the top 100 Camp several times and been very impressed with his ability to score from all three levels and his athleticism in terms of body control and balance. Also really like his ball handling and court awareness. Given the praise from several scouts in attendance at the top 100, I keep expecting to see him rise more in the rankings to a consistent top 30 level.

Reece, as you note, is more of an acquired taste. He plays fast, but under control and makes some spectacular long passes. Based on the highlights I’ve seen, his jump shot looks more like Ty’s than Kyle’s. Seems like he’s gotten about as much burn as he can out of the top 100 and EYBL season and will not rise much more in the rankings.

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I’m a little surprised Jabri didn’t get a nice bump. Without looking it up, I think he actually led Top 100 camp in scoring. Which isn’t surprising. That’s who he is, a bucket getter. The knock is that he’s not a real explosive athlete. You phrased it well, terrific in terms of body control and balance. That’s so underrated and often unnoticed. Lots of untapped potential defensively too, which he certainly chose the right school to maximize.

On the flip side, I’m delighted at how they’ve recognized Reece. I was prepared to deal with the ‘why isn’t Reece ranked higher’ questions all summer. haha In the long run, we’ll probably find they’re still undervaluing him. I’ve made a few friends with amateur NBA draftniks, guys that watch more shoe circuit film than Rivals 247 and ESPN put together. Some of those dudes are super high on Reece. His vision and length are the qualities they love.

In the end, this rankings stuff should just been seen as entertainment, a conversation starter. My only real complaint is the facade that some of them put forth that they’re familiar with all the players when that’s definitely not the case.