Igor Milicic

We’ve sat on this for a couple weeks here out of consideration. But hey once you follow the guy on social media, it’s time to talk about it. From what I’ve heard, Polish forward Igor Milicic Jr. of Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany) has been highly probable to come to UVA for a while. I assume the recent activity points to that being close to if not finalized. No idea if it’ll go down today, next week, or if he waits to visit in June. These Euro guys don’t always grasp that there’s a big interest in college recruiting.

My Amateur Scouting Report

I’ve watched about a half dozen of his games this year. First off, he’s legitimately used as a guard/wing over there. Very skilled, Extraordinary ball skills for a 6’9 guy. He creates for himself off the dribble in ways you don’t often see at that size. It makes him the prototypical combo forward in college. The question is can he defend well enough to do that here. The Euro game is very different, more positionless. Playing the 3 here means defending athletic 6’5 guards instead of the 6’7 skilled forwards he faces in Europe.

Right now, he’s a guy who does a lot of things well and nothing great. Should be useful right away, with a chance to become really good. Especially if his outside shot keeps improving.

You can find his stats here. Go back and compare to the previous season. He’s made a big jump in production and efficiency.

Other Recruiting

They’re still interested in adding another transfer. But I don’t believe there’s any serious targets, and it’s seen as a luxury. It’s all player by player. Looking for a difference maker. Shooting is considered the biggest need.

They’re not really going hard for Henry Coleman. There’s been contact. I think technically the door is open for him, but that’s probably not going to happen. He’d interfere too much in 2022 plans. I’m not sure if they ever contacted Boston College transfer Steffon Mitchell, but I’ve also heard there’s not serious interest in him.

They are after Iowa transfer guard CJ Fredrick. Again, seen as unlikely. But he probably fits the profile more of what they’re interested in pursuing.

Igor’s potential addition would lead to some changes in 2022 recruiting strategy, which I’ve noticed already being implemented. Swedish wing Bobi Klintman would be most impacted. This is essentially his role being filled. They’ll still recruit him. But expect them to widen the search in that spot to more of a best available fitting one of several future needs.


Noticed that Johnny Carpenter and even Travis Watson are following Igor on Instagram now.

Do you think Davion Warren from Hampton makes any sense as a transfer for the last spot now that he’s not going to Memphis? Made All Big South team and 2nd in POY. Shooting dipped in 20-21 but his usage rate went from 19% to 33.5% so that probably explains the dip in 3PT% (37% to 30.2%). Seems to have two or three seasons left which I suppose could work against him if he’s going to tie up the spot longer than they’d like.

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Interesting. I’m a little bummed that this might mean no Klintman, but I guess having a guy a year earlier has a lot of value too.

Is a young dolejazk (sp?) the guy who was seemingly at Syracuse for the last 7 years before graduating this past year a comp? Igor seems a lot less thick but so was doejazk when he started at Syracuse.

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I have no clue how to feel about this guy because he’s an international recruit, kinda the same how I feel about Taine. I’ll be very excited if they come here and produce; I’m hopeful!

I’m usually lukewarm on “unknown” international prospects, but if he has Zay’s recommendation I’m all for it.

If he can be useful next year then it’s a home run. With roster deficiencies next year, not concerned about long term development

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Talk about he’s recruitment. Were others involved? Was it more about playing pro in Europe vs college? He equivalent to a top 100 kid you think?

My dream comp for him has been Lauri Markkanen


Recruiting in the age of COVID in general has been weird and rankings are wack. A player like Ben Mathurin at Arizona who is unranked/fringed ranked international prospect and in one year he’s getting first round predictions and then Jabri a top 40 US recruit who couldn’t even see the floor for us and ended up at Georgia of all places.

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Is there any truth to the rumor that Bill Self just chartered his jet to Germany?


No idea whatsoever

Zach by the way has probably watched more of him than I have. lol Direct scouting questions to him.


I don’t quite understand this. We have 9 guys on the projected roster if Trey is gone. Back up to 10 if this Igor kid is a done deal. But two of the returnees just missed most of the season with health issues. And Caffaro has been constantly hurt since he signed with UVA. What’s the thought process there? Are we fine with the idea of going into ACC games next year with 7 or 8 healthy scholarship players? Just not understanding why they would have the mentality of it being a luxury. Seems we still really need another college developed body somewhere along the 3-5 spectrum. Even if he is just a defend and rebound type of player.


That’s my question. What in the world happens if Gardner or Shed is out for any period of time. Kody at the 4? Papi playing 30mins a game. Makes little sense


This was the name I was alluding to last week, not that you cared.

But I wasn’t confident because it was 4/20 and there was a very real chance that the guy that mentioned it to me was super baked.

Turns out he was high. And also spot on.


I think we were going to add one more transfer and one more 2021 recruits after Gardner and Armaan. This is the 2021 recruit.

Before this year when it was pointless to redshirt, Bennett never had more than 11 active players. 10 about half the time. Only 9 one year. That’s the norm.

This kid must have a nice upside to probably pass on Klintman. I’m guessing there will be some unhappy people. To me, from the little I saw from the clips on each kid, they both need work. Getting Milicic in early speeds up the process.

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Right but have we ever had 10 players where 3 of the guys have poor health track records? Including the only two 5’s? Maybe I shouldn’t lump Kadin in with Papi and Kody but those two at least have histories of being unavailable. Still think we really need another front court body unless we are comfortable heading into games with Kadin and Gardner splitting all of the minutes at the 5 and the ripple effects that would have on the rest of the rotation.

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It’s pretty simple to understand what Bennett is doing. I kind of agree that the small ball look isn’t great, at least defensively. Although Igor and Gardner at the 4/5 would be really hard to guard. But yeah Bennett is just replacing what he lost and never got. It’s that simple.

Franklin for Morsell
Gardner for McKoy
Milicic for the 2021 forward they never got
XXX for Jabri would be what they’re ideally after.