Intel Report 3/24/22

A conversation that could lead Kadin to “look elsewhere after their talks with the boss” would surprise me, unless we just haven’t heard about a potential work ethic issue. It seems like next season may finally be the pay off with him after years of patience. I think the two work ethic guys are Caffaro and Carson. Frankly, it seems like more of situation where they just haven’t been good enough and it’s being phrased as they need to work harder if they want to contribute


I’m pleasantly surprised that the vague descriptions weren’t more obvious haha Totally assumed everyone would attach the right names.


I may be in the minority here but the idea of spending another season watching Kihei put his physical limitations on display for 35 minutes a game makes me want to skip the season.

I appreciate everything he has done as a player and representative of the school for the last 4 years. But after 4 years we know what he is and what he isn’t.

Please move the program forward, Tony.

And spare me the “we don’t have a title without him” stuff. He’s been the one constant in a 3 year slide. Sorry. It’s early and I haven’t had my coffee.


I think that is the sentiment of…literally everyone that watched our team this year. It is time to recognize him appropriately and turn the page for the program


People are overthinking it.

  1. Igor (young player staff is high on). It’s not Taine. He told someone at Cava last night he would definitely be back.

  2. Two players that have been around a while and haven’t improved…Carson and Papi. It’s not Kadin. Everyone saw his progression this year. Next thing for him is consistency.

  3. Malachi. He’d do great at a Davidson.


Well if there is a young player I’m high on, it is the falafel at cava. It has outworked chipotle and I think it’s time for Panera to look at transferring elsewhere


The beauty in disguise here was Malachi playing this year, showcasing he has a skill set and can play at a high level. Thus allowing him to transfer and opening up a spot.

I’m thinking Carson, Poindexter, Caffaro and Milicic. And I’m ok with that.


Me too. Don’t ever want to see anyone transfer but Igor is the only semi tough pill to swallow there but at the end of the day we need scholarships and a talent infusion. This could be a good opportunity for us, especially if Kihei leaves


Malachi will definitely get interest from teams in the region is about all I know


Igor becomes even less of a tough pill to swallow with Traudt coming in


Exactly my thoughts. Don’t think I’d care if Carson and Papi move on if we can find better in the portal. Personally kind of excited about this off-season, there are few people (besides R33c3 and Murray prob) that I’d be devastated to see leave, especially after this disappointing season. Excited to rebuild and move on, and excited to read that Tony is wanting to expand his scholarship options. I’m not even mad at the use of two redshirts for this reason.

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Re: redshirts, I just hope the conversations has been had upfront about the plan. Redshirts are tricky in this environment.


You may well be right, but I suspect if you asked who disappointed against expectations it was Kadin. Many on this board had him pegged as 3rd team all ACC this year. But Papi makes sense too.

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I would hate to see Malachi go, because I think he embodies the grit and and hard work that CTB is looking for, but I’d be ecstatic for him if he landed in a A-10 ish level school. That would be a massive testament to his abilities.


Personally didn’t have close to those expectations for him this season, but I do for next season. Kind of a put up or leave situation next season for some guys


I’ll throw out a hot take I’m okay with Kadin leaving. Not a knock on him, he’s solid, but I don’t think he’s a difference maker on the level of he can’t be replaced.


I am hoping that he gets attention, goes through whatever the process is, the decides to stay and make it a personal battle daily to get more PT and contribute at UVa. This path he will learn a LOT about himself for the future I believe

However, If they say Kihei is coming back and he wants to see the court he proly has to leave


I disagree because of how hard it is to play the 5 in our system. Can’t just easily replace him with someone and last year was really his first year playing full-time. A normal offseason will do him a lot of good


Yeah I didn’t either, but a lot of people did. Thats why I think your put up or leave scenario could make it him. All the potential in the world but man he had 14 games with 3 fga or less and lost his starting job.

I guess it kind of depends on what the staff expected from him this season. It does feel like they expected a little more out of him, but I really can’t understand why given it’s basically his first real season of college basketball