Intel Report 3/31

@GoBlueHoo - which “slap heard round the world” did you hate more… Juwan’s or the Fresh Prince?


‘’We’ as in the staff?

yeah had someone mention him to me several days ago.

The App State guy is one to watch, Adrian Delph. Testing the draft, may not transfer.


Hmmm, he’s a pg? CTB really wants two pg and Armaan to play the 3 again. Lol

I assume Nigel Pack leapfrogs everyone to being the best prospect available in the transfer portal.


I dont think anyones spot is guaranteed at the moment. The way they are hitting the portal… sounds like they want a shooter and a 3 and D guy.

Also, it sounds like no matter what happens with Kihei, CTB doesnt seem to concerned about bringing in someone to replace him if he stays or go.

That may be so but how do you attract a top pg with Reece AND KC on the roster. You don’t. But I agree that fact they are going after these guys is pretty telling. Also gonna log my official guess that the secret, maybe visitor was the App St kid


What’s this about a secret maybe visitor??

We should play 4 point guards and papi


How do you attract a Nigel Pack? You tell him how he’s going to be used and how he’ll work with Reece. I know KC has been here a long time but if Nigel wants to be here, they’ll figure it out.

Hmmm, interesting comparison. Both were appalling but I’d say I hate Juwan’s more because of his role as the leader of a group of young men. He has a right to complain (although I think his was off base given his subs were pressing full court), but there is no excuse at all for physical aggression in that context. Juwan is lucky he didn’t lose his job. I thought suspending him for the rest of the regular season games wasn’t sufficient. The suspension should have included the Big 10 tournament minimally and perhaps the NCAA tournament as well.


Reread HGN blog post my friend

If one of them isn’t Kihei I’m rioting


Facepalm. Good catch thanks

HGN, if Kihei hasn’t told the staff yet, wouldn’t we be at the point now that he’s screwing them over because they’re falling way behind on recruiting for his spot? They’ve gotta know even if we don’t, right?


Purdue seems like the early team to beat for Nigel Pack. Lost their entire back court if no one comes back for super senior year along with Jaden Ivey. Home (from Indiana) and also Purdue recruited him out of HS.

…Unless Jeremy Roach goes pro after this run and Duke needs a pg
Wonder if that somehow, through the butterfly effect or some random whatever, makes Kaufman enter the portal.


They might know about Kihei. We just don’t.


come on, you know. just tell us. why you gotta do us like this?

I promise I will wait 15 minutes before I tweet it out


I think the interest in pack is a pretty big tell


The U got big NIL money…