Intel Report 4/22/22

Precisely my view.

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After Brasil lost World Cup to France in 2002 or whatever the brasilian senate brought Ronaldo in to testify the crushing loss. His quote summed it up:

“I will tell my truths. Others will tell their truths and from that the government will find their truths”

Classic Brasil


Also, under the “it’s all one thread / it’s all one topic / it’s all one post” category, this is IMO the same root issue as the Blue-White game streaming issue. Tony’s less than comfortable with some of the promotional aspects of the game, which (1) I totally understand, and (2) I’m totally annoyed by, because they are just neutral personal idiosyncrasies dressed up as pillars (not by Tony, but by his message board interlocutors).

(edit - will add any more NILsy thoughts to the NIL thread, because despite my opening line, I also appreciate a bit of order and organization)


This is exactly the kind of thing a non-pillar person would say. :smirk:


It’s kind of impressive in a perverse way that we got a 0 and done to commit to us at all, even if he never really committed.


And another thing re NIL that has nothing to do with anyone’s feelings on how ‘right’ it is, is that if there is a talented kid we are recruiting and it’s clear the top thing he cares about is NIL, it just makes it way less likely we’ll be able to land him in the end because there are a ton of schools that can straight up outbid us, even if we go all out. So I think it’s also just a practical sorting mechanism. No judgement on any of those kids - go make your money - but if that is the number one thing, we’ll lose them to any SEC or BIG team that wants them before the signing deadline.

We’re in a spot to say “Of course we know NIL is also a consideration, and we have structures in place to help you earn when you come here.” But we aren’t in a place where we’re going to win straight up bidding wars. So probably not a bad idea to just avoid them.


Is Jaylen Curry still an option?

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No idea. I wouldn’t write off Dexter Dennis from Wichita, There’s at least genuine interest in him. Other than that, I suspect if there’s another visitor, it’ll be someone fresh in the portal.

Sure haven’t

Less bullish for sure. Gotta say if it weren’t for the Wisconsin talk which seems completely credible, I’d assume they were getting Vander Plas. There wasn’t oh he committed and filed the paperwork kind of talk, but a good bit of confidence after he visited.

The NIL mention scares me with McNeil. But I can’t overemphasize that they really really liked him on his visit. That matters in transfer recruiting. All these guys know everybody is recruiting multiple players. They want to be wanted.


There’s a difference between trying to win a bidding war and being allergic to the whole thing when it comes up, and that’s the sense I get from the Intel Report. If I’m wrong about that, then great.

Like if it comes up and Tony says – “don’t worry, we have a whole session on that with our “NIL coordinator” coming up and you’ll be very satisfied” and then there’s a strong presentation, then that works.

But I’m worried that we aren’t that organized about it and we come across as being weak on NIL compared to everyone else – so this is not just about bidding wars, we just look like we’re not even in the same universe.

And it’s not just a sorting mechanism:

The NIL mention scares me with McNeil.

Kids up and down the board care about NIL so we better look organized about it.


Probably not a fit playstyle wise. I remember HGN saying Tony and Williford liked him and Vandross or Williford went to see him in the fall but he seems like a full court kinda guy.

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As for the NIL thing. I think this is an adjustment period. It’s came on fast. With 2022 recruits, it was a total non-issue. Now it’s everywhere, particularly with transfers.

Some schools are making it their whole pitch. Technically, that’s against NCAA rules to promise deals to recruits. But it’s happening and there’s no enforcement. And I actually think the majority of schools even at the high major level are on the same page as UVA. They have their infrastructure to assist and will play that up to recruits, and that’s it. But the Arkansass and Indianas etc are going to get the players who put money above all else.


The one spot UVa has a heavy need for in 2023 is the spot Bennett seems to thrive recruiting wise. The way the Johnson recruitment unfolded is disappointing but whether it’s DeMary or someone else, I think that spot will pull a quality target with the time that will be there to offer.


Demary’s highlights are like 60% defense, sign me up. Looks like the physical counter to Reece’s agile defensive style. Also looks like a big dude in that film


I think these two posts get to the nub of the problem. The coaches and programs that were always willing to break the rules are happy to exploit the new system and even blatantly violate the rather permissive restrictions in the new system. It was a very easy and natural transition.

But those programs that have traditionally played by the rules are in various states of reconciliation to the new world. Tony appears to be on the left edge of that bell curve, though my knowledge of his approach to NIL comes entirely from this forum. He and Virginia will have to reconcile to this new world, but until and unless the NCAA does something to enforce the rules, we will always be at a huge disadvantage to the bag droppers.

That’s the thing though: it really didn’t. It was easy to see this was coming from the time the first states passed their laws allowing it. And those laws all had 21-23 as their start dates. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise UVA was caught flat footed but the speed of the change was very predictable. Not necessarily on the basketball staff as much as the administration but man it’s frustrating at times we are always so resistant to change.

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Agree, but I suspect HGN meant as a major factor in recruiting, even compared to last year. Though I suspect, to your point, the speed at which it came on was at least somewhat predictable.

I’d be pretty excited if we land Mcneill. Do you think he significantly raises the team’s ceiling next year? Or is it just more quality depth and experience?

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If so, it’s not a good statement on our recruiting or last year’s transfer recruiting or the hopes of Reece’s jumper ever getting decent.

So, basically my answer (if anyone cares) is: I SURE HOPE NOT!

I personally don’t have any real issue with how we’ve dealt with NIL. We are moving at a reasonable pace, we aren’t pushing or bending the rules, and we have a program set up that will likely be a solid fit for the school and get kids some money.

UVA was never going to be one of the schools being the first to roll things out and being on the cutting edge of this stuff. I have no issue if others are frustrated by it, but I’m completely fine with it. Also, given how little info we actually have on how all this is going, we don’t actually know fully how things have played out. A lot of it is just us inferring it isn’t going well because we aren’t landing top recruiting targets, but to be honest, we were missing on a ton of top recruiting targets well before NIL ever came around.


Yea I figured that’s what he meant and I’m saying it was entirely predictable. This is the first transfer cycle where NIL has been legal and 2023 is the first class it is legal their whole cycle. Of course there was going to be a huge shift! Johnny Carpenter at least should’ve known this was coming even if the older guys on staff didn’t realize it.

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