Intel Report 4/29/22

Dope. Leaves that 2022 scholarship open for a Tafara Gapare reclass (offered by Syracuse last night)


Are there any transfers that we are still looking at or are we done (pending new portal entrants before May 1)?

Fudge. Gapare is going to wind up in the center of that zone surrounded by four Boeheim brothers? Don’t break my heart like that.


Can you (HGN) or anyone else remind me of the calendar from here? July live period (2 weekends?) with AAU teams, and then a week in between now and then for HS teams, or some sort of state-run thing? Or am I conflating two different things?

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None that I know of. Doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.


I am really interested in how the recruiting for the two Nova kids turns out. CTB seems to have no problem keeping cheese heads on the roster but Virginians not so much.

And I know he’s going to be in the HOF and has a high winning %.


You should talk to @chavlicek15 about this. He has thoughts.


I find it interesting how the recruiting plans seemed to have changed post London Johnson. It seemed before we were looking to add a bouncy big to London and then maybe a top level shooter at CG(Sheppard) or 2G( the OK kid) if it worked out. Now it seems to be all over the place. Definitely a PG and a traditional 5 (hopefully Buchanan). Then we seem to be looking at shooters at CG, 2G and SF. And different kinds of additional bigs to pair with Buchanan. MM seems a Hauser type, the athletic NZ kid and the more solidly built kid from GA(I think his name is Page who TU says on a different message board to keep an eye on) are some of the options. What seemed to start as maybe a 2 person class to compliment the exciting 2022 class might end up being a 4 person class that could almost equal it with survival of the fittest. None of us has any idea how it will shake out but it may be fun to watch.


It’s Phony’s cake day. He can stir the pot all he likes.


So Hav @chavlicek15 what you got?

Anymore updates on RJ Jones? Remember seeing something about a zoom call previously.

Not really. TB was at one of his games each live weekend. He’s been okay, not great.

One little tidbit I forgot to include. I talked to Jahseem Felton’s high school coach this week. He said UVA has picked up communication since TB saw him during the first weekend. Thinks they’re close to offering. 2024 guard from Charlotte.


NC. A close 2nd behind WI for CTB’s recruiting home away from home.


North Carolina + Wisconsin = Sorta Virginia.


On his Maryland visit

“The visit was good. It isn’t like an ideal location for me personally, but in terms of the school, it seems like a really good school. The new coaching staff there that I’ve met seem like really good people and are really invested. The arena is large and was a good part of the visit seeing the facilities.”


“Kentucky has also reached out in efforts to potentially start recruiting Gapare.”

Wellllllllll it was fun knowing you Tafara.


No way. Just have him google Skal labissiere to see what Cal does with raw bigs. Sacha Killeya Jones? Don’t these kids get internet?


Is Kirk Penney ever going to come back?