Intel Report 5/6/22

Panic? Me? with spectator sports? Over 16 year old teenager decisions?

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yeah probably so in July


Only 17% of the top 150 have committed. And we “should’ve” had one in London Johnson but that went sideways and as you mentioned, 16 year olds making big decisions.

If you haven’t panicked by now, it may be too late.


Thanks. And while I don’t have much hope, just saw the Chatman clip you retweeted. Kid is smooth as silk. He glides.

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I’m a little surprised they went ahead and offered Kaiser but that’s probably what they had to do to have a chance. I think TB’s been at the ACC meetings, so getting back at it today.

He switched AAU teams to have a bigger role, and it really paid off. He’s had a good spring playing for New World (Adidas), where he’s by far the #1 option.

16.9 PPG 42.6 FG% 37.8 3FG% 1.7 steals for the 7 games they posted on the site. If you’re looking up Adidas stats, be warned that you have to find the players number, the names aren’t always correct. Just awful.

Now to be honest, a lot of people who’ve been familiar with him in the past aren’t believers yet. I talked to one scout up in DC who knows him well, thinks he’s more of an A-10 player. He’s always been a fairly talented guy with holes in his game. Never dominated high school in the way you expect of an ACC recruit. And the label of a great shooter is new. But you know what, we’ve heard those kinds of stories a lot of about guys that pop in the summer.

If UVA really goes for it, I’d be surprised if they don’t get him. He’s looking into possibly changing schools. Oak Hill is an option. So not sure he’ll be staying at Ireton.


Is that the same scout you talked with who told you Justyn Fernandez was an A-10 talent? LOL just pulling your chain. Also Justyn did end up committing to George Mason (even though he has multiple D1 offers, he respected Kim English and Mason’s early offer to him) so technically right.

It does beg the question why would they recruit him when Isaiah Abraham, who is a stud-monster, is going to be a target in the 2024 class? A lot of overlap. Maybe bird in the hand/untapped potential? idk


Going after Kaiser might speak more to the small likelihood of landing either Christie or Stojakovic.
Seems to be a big guard small forward type.

Just noticed that he received 5 offers today. Georgetown, BC, RI, Utah St in addition to UVA. Hot commodity suddenly


If TB is after a PG, 2G/SF, PF & C in this class the SF position is interesting. You would think that McKneeley is the long term answer at 2G and only backup minutes would be there for a few years but you have all these players who may play SF. Murray is the most experienced and would probably like to play a little 2G but can’t until he improves his handle. Dunn who was a guard in HS but whose growth may make a SF only in college. Bond whose body says SF but game(until his outside shot improves) says PF. Also MM and Power shoot like SF but might not have the defensive ability to play there initially much like Igor. Then we might add in Kaiser whose game seems all SF. I think they are after a couple top level 2024 2G/SF types already. Should be interesting to see how it shakes out and who ends up playing between Isaac squared. Personally I would love it to Bond with an outside game.


I think its hard to projects because both the 2022 class and the targets for 2023 are all kids who can play multiple positions and mix and match. No one is cemented to one spot on the floor. Which is a good thing. A packline D with switching principles instead of hedging = less opportunities to exploit the breakdowns that come when we hedge on the defensive end.


Exactly. Focus on SG/SF/PF positions is outdated thinking. There are PGs, centers, and then everyone else. Jut about who guys can guard defensively.


I’ve asked my guys here in DC, who all either Coach now locally and/or played big time D-1 and pros, who are in the mix and each person said he’s “solid”, mean he’s okay/pretty and two guys said he’s a UVa type kid they would recruit. My initial feel was correct about the Ireton deal, but if he does indeed transfer to Oak Hill or another Hoops factory, it will tell us much more on whether he’s ACC ready or not. Our history with DC/city kids is really hit or miss. And I’m including the pre-CTB days.


Even Centers and Pgs you can play combo guards and mamadi-like “centers”. Or Traudt who can play the 5, 4, and even maybe some 3 (moreso than BVP lol).

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Yes and no. You don’t want to be running two small traditional point guards out there (lol) or two rim running centers either. Sure you can play traditional 2s at PG or 4s at center but there is still a distinct difference to me with the point guards and centers

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You don’t want to be running anything traditional is my point. Im okay with never recruiting a true pg or a true center every again. I even consider Jerome a combo guard, he can play both on and off the ball even with his floor general skills.

Kaiser said he’s going to set up a visit for soon. There’s a 10 day dead period coming up on Wednesday, so not sure if he’ll sneak it in ahead of that. I get the feeling the only way he doesn’t end up at UVA is if TB calls an audible.


Well that escalated quickly



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Anything to the little hint that a certain New Zealander might be here this weekend?