Intel Report 5/6/22

UVA doesn’t have to be the best at NIL it just has to be competent. Being able to sell kids on getting them to the NBA is going to make virginia attractive still, especially for guys outside of the top-25

I think part of the problem, though, is that a lot of programs that likely have NIL backing also have a really solid coach that can develop guys for the NBA too. I’m thinking Pearl, Oates, Musselman, Barnes


Maybe, maybe not, but what are we basing on this on? Losing a guy to the G-league ignite (most likely)? A less than inspiring portal season when we have no clear rotations slots to offer? And an uphill climb given transfer restrictions / major requirements?

I expect Tony to continue being very successful among guys who want to get to the NBA to earn big bucks but feel they need a few years to get there.

Let’s keep in mind that the biggest NIL splashes are going to guys with little to no NBA future. Let Miami have 'em. We will beat 'em with guys who do have NBA aspirations.

I mean, Hunter Dickinson is pumping his latter day Big Johnson stupid t-shirts precisely because this is the main way he’s going to make a buck from hoops.


There were a couple times during that pod where I thought Tony seemed…I’m not sure I can peg the right word for it, because he wasn’t exactly negative…but it did kind of make me wonder if there was a recent transfer(s) that would have been a mutual fit, but couldn’t work because of the academic stuff.

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Yeah, could be. It certainly constrains his options in general. There are a lot of talented guys in the portal who are just a semester or two away from graduation, and if I were them, I wouldn’t want to transfer to UVA and have to earn 60 credits.

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I think they’re serious about them all. But obviously there isn’t much invested in a few of them yet. Bound to be some they never get anywhere with.

I know they’ve had a lot of discussions in recent weeks about the recruiting environment with NIL. Not sure there’s any firm solutions, but just trying to weed out the lost causes. I actually don’t think it’s going to be THAT big of a deal with high school recruits outside the very few that are immediate difference makers. In the transfer era, promising a lot of money for results years away is just bad business ya know.


I think those paying the “big” NIL bucks are gonna tire of the wasted money very very quickly. Other than places like Kentucky and UNC and maybe Kansas


Lil Peja goes to Jesuit? I didn’t know that! I went to Rio Americano and they were our down-the-road rivals despite being private vs public, plus they usually stomped us.

I came home from college and watched a hoops game ages ago against them. We hit everything and they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn at the start. We were up something ridiculous like 35-10 at the half. Then they got our center in foul trouble, spent the second half doing lay-up drills, and ended up winning on a buzzer-beater 54-52 or something.

I hate those guys.

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So quick summary:

Center: Blake: likely Hoo
Lead Guard: Dilione: “competition is stiff”; Chatman: “hard to get”
Big Guard: Cam: “favors midwest”; Andrej: “very longshot”
Forward: Milan: “We have our hands full” with competition; TJ: “wide open”

Doesn’t seem like we’re well positioned outside of Blake tbh.


Thats what the next few months are for and also discovering emerging prospects.


Thanks. I guess most don’t know how much work has been put in before the offer. I had no idea just how long the staff had been involved with Buchanan. Same with Dilione. Sounds like they had been laying the ground work with him for a good while also. In a perfect world, I would think TB hopes to wrap up both kids I mentioned within the next month. It could happen but my guess probably very unlikely, especially Dilione.

Good grief y’all, I read it totally different, we’re ‘in’ all the recruitments expect probably Chatman and AS. I’d say that’s pretty good for this point in time.


Appreciate the summary, but I could put this together, too:

Center: Blake: likely Hoo (same)
Lead Guard: Dilione: “There seems to be optimism”; Chatman: “They’ll have a chance”
Big Guard: Cam: “it’s a winnable recruitment”; Andrej: “They’re very aware of the Kentucky pitfalls”
Forward: Milan: “the Hoos will certainly be a factor"; TJ: (being recruited by nobody with our recent success)

So my summary would be one likely Hoo, and 5 guys where we have a shot, and one guy we can probably write off (Lil Peja). How likely will we get one of those 5? I don’t know. I might take one at even odds… But I am bad at guessing.


I think it’s worth noting that we don’t do well with these recruitments generally


Yeah I would put over under at 2 and consider taking the under (Buchanan). From twitter activity Freddie does seem to be excited about the UVA offer, we are his first college official visit, and we have been building this relationship for a year now (HGN mentioned Freddie was even on the radar for 2022 originally). I am just fearful of all these $EC schools jumping in. Just hoping the market for high school kids isn’t that big (like HGN said NIL isn’t a deal breaker. Heck we have our kids linked up with many smaller opportunities. We do have NIL at UVA. Just cant be the focus).


Id be pretty surprised if we don’t get 2 from that list.


I do hope we push for TJ Power while that recruitment is wide open. He’s what Sam Hauser would look like if he had the athleticism and quickness to actually play both the 3 and the 4 instead of awkwardly getting stuck in between (of course no guarantee Power shoots as high a level as Hauser. I believe Hauser is the best 3pt shooter in college basketball since the extension of the 3pt line).


I’ll say this about Dilione. There’s definitely good hope on the UVA side. I mean right now you might even say they’re a slight favorite, not meaning over the field but better than any other school individually. He’s the guy they were first turning to when London fell through.

I had a well respected scout that’s around about as much as anybody hit me up right after that offer went out. He was like that’s a weird offer. haha Now he had no idea UVA already had a relationship and all that. But from the outside perspective, it seems like an odd match stylistically.

Freddie is a ball in hand guy that likes to play free, make plays and plenty of mistakes. Not the typical guy you think of as a UVA point guard. I think Bennett wants a bucket getter at PG though. It’s been such a problem the last couple years, not having that guy that make something happen on his own.


Would love Pennie’s opinion. Right in his wheelhouse geographically. Any idea what he charges? I know the market is all college coaches…

Visitor today. 2024 PG Jahleel Jackson from the Potomac School (VA)


Seems recently he wants bucket getters at every position in recruiting. Wasn’t really reflected in who he put on the floor last year.