Intel Report 6/24/22

I don’t think there’s any decision from Buchanan. Once the Gonzaga offer came, he’s just saving other schools from wasting their time. Momcilovic possibly but I don’t know that.


What was the Zirkle post ?

Interesting, I didn’t think Momcilovic. Just kinda reading between the lines on the ISU 247 board, I kinda had the sense they are starting to feel good.

I don’t mean to sound bad here but a commitment from him (if that happens) seems to take out Power. Could be some prefer Momcilovic over Power. I’m not one who feels that way. I think Power is much more versatile and would fit better.

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Just imo but like a lot of 247 mods I don’t think the ISU mod knows much


I think it was Friday morning, he said “What a great time - to be a Wahoo fan!” with a whistling GIF. I think that was the morning after HGN mentioned he thought it was still 80/20 Hoos for Buchanan after the Gonzaga offer.


I inferred it was Power.


Based on what?

The six planets being aligned in the dawn sky.

Edit: Process of elimination really. Buchanan wasn’t 100% per HGN. Kaiser has another fives seasons left of How the World Turns. Power seemed to be nearing decision mode after canceling the Indiana visit and down to Notre Dame and UVa. Timing makes sense. But maybe it’s Milan. Or actually Blake. But really just want to believe it’s Power.

Or maybe Zirkle just got Hootie’d.



Edit. I want to believe it’s Power as well but think he’s getting a ton of pressure to hold off. That saiid, with live periods done for a bit the window is officially open for something to go down.


Thank you!

Guys shooting up UVA’s recruiting board this weekend.

Elijah Gertrude :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :rocket: :rocket: :fire:
Brandon Rechsteiner :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Other than Gertrude tomorrow, are there any other targets who could pull an offer with Bennett not being able to watch live this weekend? Rechsteiner potentially? Feels like if they want to get involved in a serious way, an offer better go out soon.

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Probably just Gertrude, Bennett has seen him before.


@DFresh11 , make the offer!!!

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Done! told his dad yesterday albeit in code. Lets just say Coach Williford is impressed today in person


I thought Zirkle’s post was about Kirby for football.


Power is great, and I’d prefer him to Milan.

But, I like Milan a lot and I’d absolutely prefer him to not getting either of them. If we get Milan, we get Milan, though we lose Power. If we don’t get Milan, then… we don’t get Milan and we MIGHT get Power but we might not.

Milan’s a pretty solid bird to have in hand. That’s obviously not how it works, but it’s how my interest works out.


If we get Gertrude i believe Fresh should get an offer as well


Now you are talkin!

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These next two weeks will (hopefully) be wild. Could wrap up the entire 2023 class if we get Jackson to visit as well.

@WFS_HOO remind me in two weeks when we still have 0 commits.