Intel Report 8/4/22

We’re about to enter a quiet window for recruiting activity. A ten-day dead period starts on Saturday. And of course, the Virginia team will be leaving for their Italy tour next Wednesday. While August is quiet in terms of in-person activity, it’s a hot time for commitment decisions.

Shooting Guard Looks Good

Virginia hosted Hudson Catholic (NJ) guard Elijah Gertrude on an official visit late last week. Coming out of that, things look very promising with him. I’ve heard his family loved everything about it. Right now, I would say UVA is the heavy favorite to eventually get his commitment.

He’s talked about taking visits to Syracuse and Kansas in September. It’ll be interesting to see if those visits materialize or if he goes ahead and commits before then. From what we’ve heard this week, Kansas seems to be the one potential threat. I think they’ll have a hard time overcoming UVA at this point.

The one other guy to watch for in that spot is the newly offered Davin Cosby Jr out of Richmond. He just locked in his official visit date for the weekend of August 26th. You never know, but his recruitment will probably last well into the Fall. He visited Wake Forest over the weekend, and plans to visit Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, And Southern Cal.

Jesuit (CA) wing Andrej Stojakovic did include UVA in his Top 6 last week. That’s Peja’s son. I’ve heard there’s a chance he really might visit this Fall. But actually getting him is in the slim-to-none range.

UVA is no longer in the picture for IMG Academy (FL) wing Jamie Kaiser. And Rolling Meadows (IL) guard Cam Christie committed to Minnesota last week.

Holding Pattern at Forward

Worcester (MA) forward TJ Power is the only player with an offer. He’s gone into quiet mode after his recent visits to North Carolina and Duke. There are different reports on what comes next. Truthfully, he may not know yet. I expect he’ll come to a decision over this next month before Fall recruiting opens.

If I were handicapping the race, Duke and Virginia would be the top two with Duke having the edge. Followed by Notre Dame, Iowa, and North Carolina in that order. With that said, nobody seems to really know where they stack up. Only that those are the teams in the running. We’re all just sort of reading into things.

UVA has been in contact recently with Garfield (WA) forward Jaylin Stewart. He would probably be hard to get, but it’s possible they jump into that race. UConn is seriously involved with him. He’s visiting there in September. Hometown school Washington is after him too.

Point Guard Puzzle

Link Academy (MO) point guard Trey Green will be announcing his commitment on Saturday. He’s headed elsewhere, presumably Xavier. While UVA’s pursuit was short lived, that’s a big blow. They put a lot of eggs in his basket coming out of the July live periods. The coaching staff expected to get a visit at minimum. Didn’t happen.

That leaves South Kent (CT) point guard Elmarko Jackson as the only realistic target left. He’ll release a trimmed down list sometime over the next couple of weeks. I think UVA will be on the list. They’ll be fighting just to get a visit though. It’s a heavyweight contest. Michigan is the one school we know is definitely a contender. He’s already setting up a visit there.

With Kansas landing a point guard this week and Xavier presumably about to, it might appear the competition is dwindling for Totino-Grace (MN) guard Taison Chatman. Both of them were in his top five. Don’t get your hopes up though. From what I’ve heard, that list may not necessarily be final. And NIL is a major factor with him. It’s just very unlikely that he’ll choose UVA

The next few weeks will be interesting to see if UVA decides to offer any of the other point guards they’ve looked at. I do know there’s an under the radar player they’ve recently been in contact with. He’s planning to visit in the near future. I can’t give the name. And I don’t expect he’ll be offered a scholarship soon. But it speaks to how unfavorable the current predicament is that they’re preparing to consider those kinds of options.

The coaching staff has been working all their connections this week for leads on point guard candidates. It’s by far their top concern.

2024 Flood Gate Opens

After a long wait, suddenly Bennett is handing out scholarship offers to the 2024 class. Seaforth (NC) forward Jarin Stevenson was offered very early on, and remained the only recipient until this week.

Salisbury (NC) shooting guard Jayden “Juke” Harris was offered after his unofficial visit on Monday. A big guard at 6’6, he had a huge July of AAU. I noticed Bennett was at one of his games at the Adidas Championships a few weeks back. He obviously liked what he saw. Tennessee, VA Tech, and Illinois are among his other early offers.

Carmel Christian (NC) shooting guard Jaeden Mustaf was offered on his unofficial visit on Tuesday. He’s an AAU teammate of Jamie Kaiser’s. So the UVA staff has seen plenty of him. Indiana, Maryland, and NC State are some of his other offers so far.

I also expect Sidwell Friends (DC) forward Caleb Williams to be offered on his Thursday unofficial visit. It’ll be his second visit to UVA this summer. Bennett gave him a long look at Peach Jam. He’s a very talented guy who’s already good and only scratching the surface of what’s to come. Signs point to him being a serious target for the Hoos.

I wouldn’t make too much of those players being offered ahead of others. They were offered now because they visited. All of them are doing mini tours this week with multiple stops. We’ll find out next month when coaches visit schools which 2024 recruits will be priority targets.


I didn’t even read it yet but that was negative.


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That reads like Gertrude and no one else.

Could be better. Could be worse.


I think it’s get Elmarko, or whomever this diamond in the rough is, or go to the transfer portal in the off-season. I have to bet there will be a plethora of PGs in the portal come spring time to bridge the gap to 2024.

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Mystery recruits are always fun.


Can you tell us which part of Oceania he’s from, at least?




Because he’s short?

Its Kihei, isn’t it?


Tony might settle on other spots but pg doesn’t seem like a position he will settle on/he will absolutely have to love the kid.

@HoozGotNext Do you know if they have been exploring any 2024 pgs that they saw playing up in 17U that would consider reclassing to 2023? I remember you mentioned both with London Johnson and also that 2024 Dellquan Warren kid that you don’t usually see a 16U kid go straight to college. Usually they are already 17U (and Im assuming Ty Davis can’t reclass even though he’s playing 17U or they would have explored that?).



I read it. My god, that was bleak.


Gertrude + Buchanan. And get a 2024 mega class with all the talent there.


At what point do they just go with trying to find the next PG in the transfer portal?


I’m sure there are possibilities out there but that’s more of a spring thing.

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Not exactly glowing

Well that went from “we may have a shot at Caleb Foster” to “Marco Anthony but make him a point guard” quickly


Here’s the issue with that. It’s possible but not a desirable way to go. Reece will still be there. It would be really hard to get anyone that great. And preferably you’d only want a one-year rental so as not to clog things up. So limited market, and probably limited upside. Taking a depth addition in the '23 class may be a better option long term, someone who could be serviceable while not being seen as a threat at all to the 2024 PG.


Clearly, our current dilemmas at point guard recruiting are to help all Virginia fans finally fully appreciate Kihei Clark in his final season.

Teaching Thankfulness. Quite the master stroke from Coach Bennett.


If that’s the case can we just try and have Mckneely handle the point for 5 minutes a game while Reece gets a couple of breathers?

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